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  1. Hopefully she'll be able to be rid of the rest of the tumor!
  2. Save Frosmoth Also, I'll try and get my writeups on here in the next little bit.
  3. I was also a big Liahona fan Also, I've yet to catch up on the most recent episodes, but I'll try and respond to your thoughts sometime! I enjoyed reading them!
  4. lol I was considering saving someone else, but I noticed we're down to 5 bugs so Scizor's gotta be kept safe
  5. I'm still bitter about that. I will say Angela finally released an EP years later so she's got a bit of music out there now
  6. Noms Arcanine Politoed Tropius Weavile Noivern Incineroar Type: Null Hatterene
  7. As much as I loved Catie, she definitely should've gone home that night (Jurnee on the other hand... her getting voted out that week was a choice)
  8. I believe this is her around the 49 second mark in this video so someone messed up at Wikipedia
  9. I think Lauren did make green mile (for season 9 anyways). Oh, and I didn't know TK was originally in the top 24. I remember reading about her not signing the contract, but I assumed that was before they decided who advanced.
  10. She made it as far as Tori Kelly did without the airtime lol
  11. Goodra Goodra is an interesting Pokémon to me. It’s slowly grown on me since it first came out during generation VI. It’s a dragon type pseudo-legendary that evolves from Sliggoo starting at level 50 when leveled up in rain or fog. It has a reputation as a very friendly Pokémon, which is really endearing actually. Goodra’s top stat is its special defense, but they also have great attack stats (and its other stats aren’t far from being 100). So, Goodra may be worth training in a future playthrough of XY lol. Goodra may not be winning this rankdown, but making it this deep (top 60ish) is a really great accomplishment, so congrats to them!
  12. Absol You know this rankdown’s getting intense when icons like Absol are my choice to eliminate. Absol’s a dark type introduced during Gen III and is a dark type that has access to mega evolution. Absol has a reputation of being an omen of bad luck, with disasters often occurring following their appearance. In actuality, Absol appears to warn people, so unfortunately Absol has a bad reputation in the world of Pokémon. Statwise, Absol has great physical attack, and good special attack and speed. Another note from the disaster thing – apparently many of its appearances in the games support its disaster association (ex: DPPt, BW, SM, USUM, and Shadows of Almia). Absol is such a cool Pokemon, but it’s not quite top 50 material for me. Regardless, they are amazing! Congrats to making it this far, Absol
  13. I'll try and get my write-ups in later this evening!
  14. Saving Butterfree, Snorlax, and Frosmoth Cut Absol, Goodra
  15. I'm dying I felt so good after I submitted everything too
  16. All my hard work and I didn't crack the top 3 I've learned my lesson
  17. I'm here as well so I'll be set for afterwards!
  18. 1. Derek 2. 3. 4. Nico 5. Hayden 6. Sola 7. Megan Just a heads up, but tomorrow will likely be better for me? I've got a club meeting that will be starting in about twenty minutes and that'll last for around an hour.
  19. Me too! I probably doubled up on a number of cuts, but I don't think it'll affect things too much. Hopefully not at least lol
  20. Ugh, I'm combing through the entire thread because I wanna win and I'm only at page 155
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