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  1. Round 4 Jorge Nunez "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" Round 2 Ju'Not Joyner "Hey There Delilah" Jasmine Murray "Reflection" Jasmine Murray "I'll Be There" Kris Allen "Come Together"
  2. I had to comment on the Paige Miles stuff asap, but I'm gonna catch up on what's been advanced for season 8 this evening.
  3. lmao I'm campaigning more for Honky Tonk Woman and Walk Away, but Against All Odds is more than free to join the top 20
  4. I wish all those Syesha performances ranked higher (especially Yesterday - rip my #1 placing 14th lmao), but I am pretty stoked with how everything else went
  5. Asia’h Epperson “Piece Of My Heart” - (2) Lily, Elliott David Cook "Eleanor Rigby" - (9) Alex, Derek, rdhaley96, Bk, Tom, Elliott, Rei, Kevin, Hayden Brooke White "Here Comes The Sun" - (3) Diana, Steven, QK Carly Smithson “Blackbird” - (5) Diana, Lily, Steven, Megan, QK Syesha Mercado "Yesterday" - (12) Alex, Diana, Derek, rdhaley96, Bk, Tom, Lily, Megan, JORDAN_FAN, Rei, Kevin, Hayden David Cook "Little Sparrow" - (4) Tom, JORDAN_FAN, Rei, Hayden David Cook "The Music Of The Night" - (4) Alex, Derek, rdhaley96, Elliott Brooke White "I Am…I Said" - (3) Steven, QK, Kevin David Archuleta "Stand By Me" - (2) Bk, JORDAN_FAN
  6. Oof, this is really hard, but I think I'm gonna cut "Me & Mrs. Jones"
  7. lol I think of I've heard of that Big Brother game. It must've been before I became active though
  8. The cuts for @JC and I are going to be Jason Castro's "Daydream" and "Over The Rainbow"
  9. Haha, I would've been cackling if Alaina'd (or Alexandrea) was auto-advanced to the top 20. That would've been perfect
  10. I knew they had no chance, but I'm still lowkey bitter @ Alaina and Alexandrea being cut.
  11. @Bk1234 @QueenKalie and myself are cutting Michael Johns "Go Your Own Way" Jason Castro "If I Fell" Carly Smithson "Without You" and sending Syesha's "Yesterday" to the Wildcard round
  12. Advancing to Round 4 David Archuleta - "Another Day In Paradise" Advancing to Round 2 Asia'h Epperson - "Piece Of My Heart" Alaina Whitaker - "Hopelessly Devoted To You" Alexandrea Lushington - "If You Leave Me Now" Syesha Mercado - "Proud Mary"
  13. Congrats to YGLABN!! Obviously my vote was for MFV, but if anything had to beat it out, I'm glad it was that performance. Blake really revolutionized the show with that performance!
  14. I just need to write a bit about my top 8 performances and then I'll send everything in!
  15. My rankings have been made - I just need to formulate some comments for them over the next few days
  16. It's probably going to be an uphill battle, but I will say I want Alexandrea and Alaina's top 24 performances to make it pretty deep next season. I feel like both of them should've lasted longer.
  17. Changing my vote slightly Blake Lewis "Somewhere Only We Know" - (5) Chris, Elliott, Gigi, Nico, AndrewJordin Sparks "Give Me One Reason" - Melinda Doolittle "(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone" - (9) Alex, Sola, Derek, Kevin, Lily, Nico, Tom, Hayden, CrisisBlake Lewis "Virtual Insanity” - (3) Gigi, Andrew, StevenChris Richardson "Geek In The Pink" - (7) Sola, Elliott, JC, Wallace, Andrew, Steven, LilyStephanie Edwards "Dangerously In Love 2" -Blake Lewis "All Mixed Up" - Melinda Doolittle "Home" - (9) Sola, Derek, Victoria, Kevin, Lily, Nico, Priscilla, Rei, HaydenLaKisha Jones "God Bless The Child" - Jordin Sparks 'If We Hold On Together" - (2) Sola, Diana Blake Lewis "Time Of The Season" - (7) Alex, Elliott, Gigi, Rei, Andrew, Steven, CrisisLaKisha Jones "Diamonds Are Forever" - (3) Chris, Rei, TomMelinda Doolittle "As Long As He Needs Me" - (1) KevinGina Glocksen "I'll Stand By You" - (8) Alex, Chris, Elliott, Diana, Nico, Priscilla, Andrew, HaydenMelinda Doolittle "Heaven Knows" - Melinda Doolittle "I Got Rhythm" - (2) Wallace, TomJordin Sparks “A Broken Wing” - (10) Derek, Victoria, Diana, Gigi, Lily, Priscilla, JC, Wallace, Steven, HaydenMelinda Doolittle "There Will Come A Day" - (7) Chris, Rei, Wallace, Alex, Derek, Tom, CrisisPhil Stacey "Blaze Of Glory" - (9) Victoria, Kevin, Elliott, Priscilla, Chris, Tom, JC, Gigi, CrisisLaKisha Jones "This Ain't A Love Song" - (9) Alex,, Derek, Victoria, Kevin, Diana, Lily, Nico, Rei, CrisisJordin Sparks "To Love Somebody" - (7) Sola, Victoria, Diana, Priscilla, JC, Wallace, HaydenMelinda Doolittle "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" - Jordin Sparks "Woman In Love" - (1) JCMelinda Doolittle "I Believe In You And Me" - Blake Lewis "When I Get You Alone" - (1) Steven Blake Lewis "She Will Be Loved" -
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