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  1. She had all this time off from touring, and it was almost done, I don't get it
  2. It's a good thing you put "new music 2020" in the tag vs "album"
  3. Wow they really are gonna have to drag him out kicking and screaming
  4. Maybe crystal was dropping off mystery ballots at three in the morning
  5. I have been watching I can see your voice! It's kind of fun, I'm pretty good at. The masked singer it's usually someone I've never heard of so I get bored with it
  6. Awesome, thanks! I had a feeling she would be involved in the election somehow
  7. Really, what's more important: diabetes research or new music?
  8. I was doing a search for CB. I saw Crystal talks about new. . . I got excited but once I clicked on the article, it was related to diabetes. NOTHING about music at all ! I was so let down
  9. I preferred the pop/rock direction she had been going in Oh Crystal, pit bulls
  10. Still no album I'm still ready to hear it! Even if she appears to be going in a folky direction
  11. Methinks Crystal will postpone again. . .
  12. I didn't realize Prince sang on that song! It is very obvious he's singing on the second track Maybe years from now I can see judith (or Crystal!) live It was especially exciting when judith was Prince's opening act!
  13. It is the first song "trains go by" on the album Back in Time. I didn't even catch it the first few listens. It's very funky and upbeat and I can barely understand what she is saying. Then I started hearing phrases such as shoot you dead and leave your body out in the street.
  14. I will listen to this when the time is right. I have a feeling this will have to grow on me Judith Hill has a song about police brutality on her album Back in Time, that she produced with Prince
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