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  1. Crystal Bowersox Live At The Record Bin! | Lakeshore Public Radio I listened to this 50 minute interview just to find out she doesn't know when the album will be released Some good news: She is working with some record labels to possible get a new deal She feels it is the best work she has ever done! And she has written a whole new album while she has been waiting to tour with this album that she needs to record! She is on the road with just Tony and her pit bull Moses ( I think)
  2. It really has. Four years and counting, I think
  3. Thanks for all the info She has full schedule! I just saw the picture with just a few dates in July
  4. On tour again! And I now I remembered still need to listen to the Blues Traveler song
  5. I just noticed you can listen to it right now The June 30 is only to buy the vinyl
  6. Crystal is on the new blues traveler album out june 30
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