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  1. I like it I missed it, too. Maybe she can finish up the new album during this time
  2. She's doing web based concerts now, of course! I think she's done them before. She seemed to be quite pleased with the turnout
  3. She did cancel one, but it was the last one on her schedule. Most places are banning all gatherings, I know she plays small venues but I think they are still large enough to qualify!
  4. Is it in your area? It is about 100 miles from my town.
  5. I know, I was reading Italy was where we are a few days ago
  6. Do you think she still will do it? I wonder if the crowds will still show up?
  7. That is kind of scary traveling nowadays. I kept wondering if the album cover is on this page, some of these look professionally done. Watching the masked singer, Idol AND the voice. Kelly and John are really good
  8. It is impressive how involved she is with charity work, especially as busy as she is on the road all the time
  9. http://www.crystalbowersox.com (Scroll Down) You Should Have Won Fund
  10. Absolutely. I would have been Ok with her being the much more successful runner up, though. Can't wait for the new album!
  11. Maybe Or she might have been voted off with all of the other blond girls in the semifinals that year
  12. That's great that Maddie was a fan. I did watch parts of that season, and she was one of the ones I did like. Walk Like an Egyptian was awesome!
  13. I finally started watching it towards the end, it's silly but entertaining! I KNEW Chris Daughtry was an actual recording artist, I even said I have that person on Spotify somewhere, I know it. I didn't, but I remembered from Idol. :lol: I never saw Seal's performances, I like to think I would have recognized his voice. Unless they disguise their singing voices, I know they disguises their speaking voices.
  14. Thanks, that's good to hear I hope to be a fan forever, and am glad this site still exists. I haven't watched Idol itself in years, except for bits and pieces.
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