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  1. That's what she said she was enjoying the time with her son and her hobbies.
  2. I think it's the glasses--theyre huge! On tik tok she said she enjoyed being home all these months and wasn't missing touring all that much
  3. Something about her looks different lately. Like her head either got bigger or smaller or something
  4. That wasnt anything about crystal just some random girl complaining. One minute after i posted that, I mean.
  5. And not one minute later I hear some girl say why are old people on tik tok. They ruin everything, they're like 30!!
  6. Crystal is on tiktok now! I even got my wife to follow her since she likes it
  7. https://wjla.com/features/good-morning-washington/crystal-bowersox-reflects-on-10-years-since-idol-talks-new-album-performs-new-track
  8. https://wjla.com/features/good-morning-washington/crystal-bowersox-reflects-on-10-years-since-idol-talks-new-album-performs-new-track She plays a duet from the "new album" . She talks about her new album and tour, right before all hell broke loose I really like it, it reminds me of Sunshine brighter. Simple, upbeat, catchy .
  9. I'm going to try to listen to this one live for once!
  10. They film in Australia since they ya know, got an handle on covid
  11. It's not bad -- name that tune. It's nothing groundbreaking, but its entertaining. I'm pretty good at it, especially the final round. I'm considering trying out for it
  12. I didn't know about that one! I saw him on this other show Name that tune. He is sort of a co host. He plays music on it. Its pretty good show.
  13. Thanks! She sounds great. Looks like she put on some makeup and fixed herself up a bit
  14. People get ready was a really good performance. The one two three punch of give me one reason, long as I can see the light, and you cant always get what you want really drew me in as a fan Until then one of my favorites from her new album (almost four years ago! ) Human ugh maybe it will grow on me
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