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  1. Thanks for all the info She has full schedule! I just saw the picture with just a few dates in July
  2. On tour again! And I now I remembered still need to listen to the Blues Traveler song
  3. I just noticed you can listen to it right now The June 30 is only to buy the vinyl
  4. Crystal is on the new blues traveler album out june 30
  5. My wife follows her on tik tok, it might be she had the volume up reallty loud, she always does!
  6. Crystal sings new stuff on tik tok live sometimes. She was shouting out some new song I didn't particularly care for. She looked nice though, she was wearing make up and dressed up
  7. Me too, I want new songs AND studio versions of some of her older unreleased songs as well
  8. I was hoping for something she hasn't already sang a thousand times
  9. I will keep looking. Someone actually requested bobby mcgee that's probably what she sang!
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