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  1. So you raised false hope in the fan thread, and I played along but now you say Max has no chance in hell. :| The Hoot and/or HS could snatch the PVs.
  2. Alex was polling top 2 overall at MJs, so maybe it's a sign he could get one of the PVs. Katie will get the other one I'm sure. :|
  3. He seems very solid so far technically, so hopefully it all works out. Many of them get stage fright for the first live show, but he seems enough of a pro and chill enough to get the job done. After all, he gave that incredible performance right after Katie--who'd just gotten a SO from all 4 coaches and the audience--and knowing John would pick her. He got this. :luck:
  4. For Xmas, I want Max to cover Khalid's Saturday Nights. Thx Santa. :santa: esh8mNoPxGE
  5. If the choice is between a new board or no board at all, I vote yes to a new board. Ideally, a new board that would include the latest backup available for the still very active forums.
  6. Add me (again) please. My top fav this season. His voice and delivery are magical.
  7. I can't be a cool kid now, so don't add me. :bleh:
  8. At least this fan thread will survive no matter what thanks to the previous IDF apocalypse.
  9. The coaches are still behaving/talking like she's the one to beat this season, so TPTB will be behind her all the way. Sigh.
  10. This thread + what's going on with the site = PTSD :ph34r: (this post to be deleted bc that's OT)
  11. Can't listen to Katie anymore. She stresses me out, and music's not supposed to do that, to me anyway. I want her out (like that's gonna happen lol) #endrant
  12. idk what to think. I just checked MJsBB and the poll shows that the overall top vote getters were Cali and Alex! If it's representative of the casual votes, we might be in for a few surprises on TB and TJ.
  13. More than I thought I'd be halfway through the spoilers for sure. This is a very decent top 20. But now comes the real test with the lives w/o autotune. That's when we'll know for sure the true strength of this season's cast.
  14. Yassss. Good news to make up for ghost town. I'll take it.
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