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  1. First off a big congrats to Sam! But to be real I’ve been belling laughing for the past 5 minutes to that We Are the World video funniest thing I’ve seen in a minute
  2. Is Ryan all good? Dude look like he just woke from a coma lmao
  3. Good stuff from Sam & Lauren! And oddly enough I actually enjoyed Katy’s video lol
  4. Preferred the audition version tbh. But his first performance has still been the best of the night.
  5. Lmao, I was just thinking they’re gonna just cut em one by one til the top 2
  6. Isn’t next week the finale? She’s going home regardless unfortunately lol
  7. Julia finished it off well. Doubt if it will be enough to crack a top 3 placement though.
  8. Dillon actually did well o_o Maybe the best of the night
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