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  1. That's honestly the worst idea ever. Everyone can sound good in their bedroom with no audience
  2. This is only funny when your not expecting it to be horrible.
  3. There devoting 20% of the episodes to these nobodies who cares?
  4. Just squeeze in the live shows in August and September right before the NFL kicks into gear.
  5. Not an Andrew Cuomo fan but he honestly had the most insightful, realistic, and at the same time optimistic press conferences about Covid-19 I've seen so far.
  6. My fave of the season please add
  7. Don't touch Elise's song that was pure blah.
  8. Spitting image of that dude from Big Bang Theory.
  9. Sounds like the most generic WGWG only thing distinctive about him is his ethnicity.
  10. It's sad that people are incapable of congregating for a few days.
  11. Have they finally scrapped auditions? Haven't seen a single audition episode since season 10.
  12. It irks me that she fell off the face of the earth she deserved so much better her album is pretty good too.
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