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  1. Christmas song coming? Translated from Portuguese by DOES IT COME? Dinah Jane told us to keep an eye out for some news, the singer recorded a song called "Holiday Christmas", which should be released soon.
  2. could be though i hope there is new music coming. she is hinting about something.
  3. Ally will be part of another tribute to Selena . Translated from Spanish by "Hosted by @AllyBrooke " Thursday at 11pm (ARG time) on the Netflix YouTube channel, virtual event with fans about the launch of "Selena: The Series".
  4. will stick with the original. makes me think i am on another site with the dark image.
  5. only competition show i am watching . they can keep it going a few more years. also Ken Jeong is hosting New Years Eve on Fox. are they trying to make him the new Seacrest?he is quite annoying . any of the other judges and host would be a better choice. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/television/9492642/masked-singer-renewed-fifth-season-2021
  6. todays update. AC 54 29 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 79 20 59 0.137
  7. Dinah hinting about something coming.
  8. mention of Camila from one of the Cinderella co stars. not sure if the movie is actually still coming in a little over 2 months though nothing on it being changed.
  9. todays update. AC 0 26 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 99 0 99 0.172
  10. new Ally song coming Friday. wish it was with a better known artist.
  11. Camila probably not releasing new music now as to not compete with Shawn who is releasing his album this week. we better get something in January.
  12. big gain at AC. AC 27 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 80 0 80 0.143
  13. todays update. AC 0 41 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 60 0 60 0.107
  14. while waiting for new music there is this.
  15. debuts at AC. 0 45 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 40 0 40 0.072
  16. Jordin's Christmas album is out today. she was supposed to perform at the Macy's parade today but was not there.
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