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  1. Camila was going to have the song Anyone on the Romance album but was cut . looks like Justin Bieber is releasing his version. https://camilacabello.fandom.com/wiki/Anyone "Anyone" is a scrapped track from Camila Cabello's sophomore studio album, Romance. It was initially intended to be a bonus track on the Target Exclusive edition of the album, as the title of the song appears in the poster that comes inside the CD. In early 2019, Sinuhé Cabello (Camila's mother) said it was her personal favorite on the album.
  2. December 26th update AC 47 47 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 59 53 6 0.138 edit December 27th update AC 56 46 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home 60 35 25 0.14
  3. reached #84 on yesterdays US Spotify though dropped to #89 today. The Christmas Song iTunes: #148 El Salvador #1163 United States Spotify: #29 Singapore #33 Hong Kong #47 Luxembourg #50 Canada #51 Sweden #54 Switzerland #63 Worldwide #64 Australia #64 Ireland #65 Austria #65 Germany #66 Lithuania #67 United Kingdom #67 Mal
  4. this sort of underperformed. The Christmas Song iTunes: #24 Luxembourg #72 El Salvador #647 United States Spotify: #81 Sweden #91 Canada #93 Singapore #100 Austria #114 Hong Kong #115 Ireland #147 Hungary #155 United Kingdom #173 Germany #175 Australia #175 Switzerland #181 Poland #183 Malaysia #192 United States Apple Music: #27 Canada #28 Philippines #28 Singapore #33 Germany #40 Austria #55 Hungary #
  5. Simon trying to keep it going somewhere. https://variety.com/2020/tv/global/simon-cowell-x-factor-israel-1234874373/ Variety Amy Spiro 5-7 minutes Reshet’s “The X Factor Israel” will return to screens across Israel next year with a brand new but familiar face on the judging panel: Simon Cowell. The veteran producer and reality TV judge will be joining the fourth season of the show, which las
  6. Lauren sounds great doing r&b like this.
  7. could be fake since she gave a different answer early this year. edit will add this here since Lauren is hinting her album is coming after posting a snippet and retweeting the other thing. she could become the 2nd member to release a full album after Camila.
  8. Camila comments on Miley's comment to the cover. https://hollywoodlife.com/2020/12/21/camila-cabello-miley-cyrus-three-way-comment-shawn-mendes/ Hollywood Life Jenna Lemoncelli 2-3 minutes Exclusive December 21, 2020 9:42AM EST Miley Cyrus made heads turn when she asked Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to ‘have a three way’ after the couple shared a cover of her hit, ‘The Climb’. And, Camila’s reaction was priceless! Miley Cyrus asked Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello to have a “three way” and now the internet is patiently waiting for the couple to rep
  9. Camila and Shawn singing a bit of a Miley song. also Camila singing a bit of something as well. edit Miley comments on it.
  10. supposedly posted about Lauren and 5H solo label problems.
  11. final 2 had recorded a song together before. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/masked-singers-season-4-winner-025925556.html
  12. not a fan of most country singers but have always liked Leann Rimes. some of her songs were more pop including How Do I Live as well as one of her other biggest hits which was really good. .
  13. actually thought he might have won since the BSB fans might spam the vote with the other 2 singers with smaller fan bases.
  14. Ally's Christmas song debuted in the top 50 on hdd's building pop chart yesterday. https://hitsdailydouble.com/mediabase_chart_details&fmt=H1 56 50 ALLY BROOKE Baby I'm Coming Home Latium 55 53 3.8%
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