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  1. hope this means something is coming. Translated from Portuguese by DOES IT COME ?! Normani removed the Motivation filter from his Instagram account also.
  2. group B this week and group A next week. not sure why they are doing it backwards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Masked_Dancer_(TV_series)
  3. AC charts always have some random older songs chart that never went top 10. songs that go top 10 will go recurrent after a certain amount of weeks. 71 49 FIFTH HARMONY Work From Home f/Ty Dolla $ign 6 5 1 0.043 59 50 KHALID X NORMANI Love Lies 6 6 0 0.187
  4. speculation there might be a delay. not sure i would want to see it in a theater this soon with Covid still a big threat. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/movie-release-dates-coronavirus-pandemic-1234881304/
  5. Lauren taking her time with new music. @LaurenJauregui 14m I can’t help if I’m promised things that aren’t delivered and I also am not going to f*** up this actual release for anyone’s timeline. I’m on God’s time & my own time and I know it’ll be beyond worth it.
  6. it was a year ago today Normani released her last single . hope we get something else soon. also Normani's official site is down . not sure how long it has been. http://officialnormani.com/
  7. they have met quite a few times and Normani was a co writer of their song Bounce Back.
  8. some people come out with the craziest rumors.
  9. Box Office Mojo which tracks movies lists it for February 5th which is a month tomorrow. it is listed as a wide release and the only one that day. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/calendar/?ref_=bo_lnav_hm_shrt February 5, 2021 Dara iz Jasenovca Drama War With: Vuk Kostic, Nikolina Jelisavac, Petar Zekavica, Igor Djordjevic 2 hr 10 min Cast, Crew, and Company Info 101 Studios Limited Little Fish Romance Sci-Fi With: Olivia Cooke, Jack O'Connell, Soko, Raúl Castillo 1 hr 41 min Cast, Crew, and Company Info IFC Films Limited Cind
  10. i can see Camila doing this and sounding better. she did not get writing credit even though she supposedly co wrote the version she was to release . My Oh My is a better song .
  11. not sure if we saw this before Camila with her Cinderella co star.
  12. wonder who told Dinah this. she has a great voice.
  13. hope Camila's version leaks . it could have been a duet . Translated from Portuguese by THE WOMAN THAT DISPOSES HITS According to an insider, Camila sold the song “Anyone” to Justin Bieber, the song was in the discarded Japanese version of 'Romance'. He also said that he has a version of Justin and Camila singing the song. He said it's one of Camila's best songs.
  14. just checked and they are repeating this episode again tonight . i was hoping it was a new episode. that will be coming next Wednesday.
  15. some speculation going around that Exotic Bird could have an Idol connection. hope it is her though i am not sure she is really a dancer though a good singer. if so Paula would know her . some of the clues are almost too easy that it could be true. potential spoiler 1 potential spoiler 2
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