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  1. I think this is the closest season we've had in a long time. I think they all (except Kandy) have a legit shot at winning, however, I do think it's between Symone and Gottmik.
  2. This is a pretty unexciting Top 3. I was rooting for Jimbo and Lemon so them being eliminated back-to-back is definitely a blow. I guess I'm rooting for Scarlett in this scenario but I don't really care either way. I really like Priyanka but she reminds me of Shangela in S3. Fun personality but very unpolished. Rita is just meh.
  3. 130. India Ferrah - I wasn't aware of any of this tea but I can't say I'm shocked. India just seems like a very shady character. That said, I do love her drag and I am glad she got to come back. 129. Delta Work - I think I remember liking her as a person but not being impressed with her drag. Emphasis on "think." 128. Jiggly Caliente - I didn't dislike her but I also didn't care for her that much. She was kinda fun. 127. Dax Exclamationpoint - Her being Violet's drag mother is so random. 126. Venus D-Lite - 125. Phoenix - 124. Madame LaQueer - 123. Ke
  4. Been meaning to comment for over two weeks now lol 161. Sharon Needles - I was never a fan. I can sort of see why she was considered unique and a trailblazer at the time but to me she was always a hot mess. Nothing seems to have changed. 160. Mimi Imfurst - I love me a messy bitch but Mimi was just trying too hard. 159. Tyra Sanchez - I'm just gonna leave these here: I watch both videos several times per week for strength and inspiration. Anyway, I can't say I hate Tyra (or James) as they definitely seem to be stru
  5. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I'm a bit salty that they promoted yet another non-ballroom pro. I haven't kept up with Britt but I do like her a lot and want her to do well so I hope she's been training hard. I know we'll probably never get another Karina but I also don't want another Allison. Happy that Sharna is back. Yes, she has said some dumb stuff in the past but we all have so that's not nearly enough for me to cancel her. I'm always happy to see veteran pros come back *coughnotMaksthoughcough* I'm just glad the show is back and that we have something to look
  6. Ugh this is making me angry all over again. I know you were asking Elliott but I personally think that decision is why 2020 has been so sh*t.
  7. I always wonder if anyone else feels the same way. Will elaborate once Wally shares his comments so I don't spoil him.
  8. I like Chad! It's just been so long since he was on the show and I haven't been able to keep up with him the same way I have with the other winners.
  9. Shea at #1? I expected nothing less from you, Wally. I do agree with a lot of what you said. I would have Sasha a bit higher even though her drag is not really my cup of tea either. I found her to be a breath of fresh air and very likable. She was arguably the most consistent queen of the season even though it didn't translate to having the most challenge wins. I would also have Aja a bit higher but maybe that's just her AS3 appearance clouding my judgment lol. S9 just had such a great cast. Sasha, Peppermint, Shea and Trinity are all iconic same as NBB and Valentina.
  10. Loved reading everyone's comments. Really wish I had a platform to share my thoughts when I first got into Drag Race last year. A few random thoughts on the season: - Didn't mind the lip sync assassins as it was fun to see queens from past seasons return, however, one winner per episode was not enough and I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more queens lip sync. - My least favorite twist was the "if you're not in the top, you're in the bottom" thing. You could tell that it messed everyone up and that was not fun to watch. I enjoy drama but that was lame.
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