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  1. Lol. The big issue is that contemporary is just short for “contemporary jazz.” It’s just jazz with less rules!!!!
  2. The issue is that literally only like Jenna, Witney, and Lindsay know how to really choreograph Jazz and contemporary because they trained in it extensively as kids and teens. Every other pro doesn’t really. Even when they get outside help they are basically still learning the style as well.
  3. I’d die. One solid 90 second orgasm culminating with me giving birth to Iman’s child
  4. The judges and I are just really excited to see new cooler lifts!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Iman, Daniella, and I deserve a freestyle to a Teyana song in the finale!!!!!
  6. I get a sexy Argentine Tango from JoJen and then a shirtless Iman all in one night????
  7. I think having Jenna’s contemporary choreo back to back with Sasha’s shows how much Sasha’s is really lacking
  8. Len is 100% with this contemporary choreography. That choreo was fine and Suni deserved much more.
  9. I think Cheryl. Mostly because Cheryl is self-aware enough to know that she’s a MUCH better Argentine Tango choreographer than a jazz or contemporary choreographer.
  10. Carrie Ann saying “gay rights” and giving Amanda an 9 so that Jojo has the only perfect 40 of the first round
  11. Not too mad at Derek’s 10 because I love Iman and that dance really showed how much he improved over this season
  12. Daniella going “it’s not a lift if my feet don’t leave the floor” and I love it
  13. That was cute. Glad to see Suni happy after her interview this week
  14. Raise your sons to have better taste in movies than you do
  15. Yah one of my movies so I feel even less bad
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