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  1. If Arthur gets the chance to reprise one of his previous performances, which do your prefer? Forget about Top 40 - Top 7 ones... Here are the list of songs he performed during audition and hollywood week. Eddy's Song Girl from the North Country Have You Ever Seen the Rain - definitely not this right? Hard to Handle The Chain
  2. speaking of international fans, they are fighting now on FB...lol VPN...Unfair...blah...
  3. Bobby is a must-go. Katy can stay. Ryan can stay. Others...if they keep saying "You're going to be a star, my friend..." send packing please
  4. S1 "MaddieGabby" S2 "LaineAlejandro" S3 "WhoIsItGonnaBe" I'm happy with S2 treatment though. hehe
  5. I want ARTHUR to win... ok with JONNY too... don't mind Dillon, as darkhorse... You can shoot me now... haha
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