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  1. Yo. I've been neglecting Idol ever since that stay-at-home season. I was just going to check WNTS to see what the top rated performances have been and go from there, but WNTS took a page out of my book, apparently. So... what have been the standout performances - has there been an actual Momentâ„¢? Who is going to win? Who is IDF's fav? Who is IDF's punching bag? etc.
  2. 1. 8 was the peak of my interest. I was obsessed with Adam Lambert, I still dig his songs and am super proud when I see him around, like at the Oscars last year. I also loved Allison, I wish she hit it big! Her album had some bops ("Holiday", anyone?). Kris wasn't really to my taste, but he had some good performances and his friendship with Adam was adorbs. Gokey was fun to make fun of. 2. 11 might actually have the strongest cast from top to bottom. The top 7 was FANTASTIC. It felt like someone new was slaying each week. I was heartbroken when Colton self-destructed. Cried when Skylar was eliminated. And elated when Phillip won! "Home" is the greatest coronation song by far, imo. 3. 10 was a super fun, well-rounded cast. Felt like maybe the last time Idol was super big, outside of "Home"? The country vs. country finale was a huge letdown, though. Haley kicked ass. We all know I ain't here for country but I did like Scotty, his voice sounded unique to me even if it's commonplace in country music (idk lmao). Pia was my queen and she was done so dirty it disgusts me.
  3. what is with their obsession over him? they usually thirst over the successful contestants and it doesn't look like his album even charted in the BB200.
  4. That's interesting. Colton voters probably fully switched over to Phillip (....I know I did). uhhhh, ok, I don't give a damn about fan wars I just like data LOL I think you're right about when those 4 won the vote. That was the cool thing about S11, every week someone new put out a standout performance. I remember the week after Casey was saved Ryan told him something along the lines of "you'd be very happy with how you did in the vote this week" so he was probably near the top. I guess he probably did reasonably well the few weeks after he was saved until he was eliminated.
  5. I love data, and the great thing about X Factor UK is they release the full voting results at the end of the season. I want to hear all the times someone connected to Idol revealed tidbits about the voting results! Carrie Underwood won the vote every week by a large margin. Nigel said after Pia Toscano's shock elimination that she was never a frontrunner Scotty and Lauren were consistently the top vote getters, with James Durbin consistently being in the top 3. Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk fared well too, and again, it's said that Pia was middling until her elimination. Jessica and Phillip did NOT dominate the vote each week! From Nigel's tweet, it sounds like Joshua, Skylar, Colton, and Elise were all on top at one point. Clay Aiken won every week between wild card week and the finale (the source of this is old and seemingly gone unless I use the Wayback Machine which, meh.) That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Any more?
  6. Oh, I liked them, too. I liked how they got rid of one the first night then the next night it was down to two.
  7. Lmaooooooooooooooo I had a feeling she was gonna win
  8. I just remembered when she performed Waking Up in Vegas on the season 8 top 3 results show and revealed her cape with Adam Lambert's name sewn on it LMFAOOOOOO
  9. I remember when her songs were fun guilty pleasures. Now they ain't even that.
  10. I like Gigi and Jaida. Crystal is adorbs but I think the other two have been more impressive over the course of the season. It'd annoy me if Crystal won with 1 win vs. Gigi's 4.5 and Jaida's 3 ngl
  11. This probably isn't too unpopular of a sentiment, but the extent to which it's affecting my enjoyment probably is unpopular: I'm trying to watch Idol a bit every Sunday, but the show has no magic to me w/o it being in the studio with live performances. I can't get into these home videos at all, I can't name any of the contestants, their performances have all blended together to me. And I can't see this format producing any standout performances we will remember for years to come. Of course, it's nobody's fault. It can't be helped with the current pandemic, and I give them props for finding a way to air the show. I just can't enjoy the format. I'll keep trying to tune in a bit every Sunday in the hopes something will grab me (but mostly just for IDF commentary tbh), but this season seems like a lost cause for me.
  12. just picturing a "grand finale" in this home video format makes me want to hurl.
  13. It was okay... I sure hope we're able to get in one normal performance show before the end, but somehow I doubt it.
  14. Yeah, honestly though, nothing would feel the same. It's not their fault, it's just... Just a bummer.
  15. An hour and a half in and all I've seen are a bunch of karaoke performances.
  16. Same. I swear to god they are all singing the same, long ass song.
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