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  1. I read the instructions and I still have no idea what’s going on.
  2. Charli XCX judging Drag Race is everything my Joey Jay Gay ass needs in life!!!!
  3. Invisible string gold rush Afterglow daylight call it what you want picture to burn tied together with a smile all you had to do was stay forever & always back to December
  4. Also Megan @totes4totes I want to switch my round to Ariana Grande and I promise that’s the last time I’ll change!
  5. I’m already coming to terms with letting some of her most underrated songs go like invisible string or Call it What You Want but I will FIGHT for the album Lover to have fair representation!
  6. My #1 winning even though I’ve never listened to it
  7. Based on promos & how excited I am to see them return: 1. Ra’Jah O’Hara - YES bitch give me my whoooole life! She looks amazing and seems ready to slay. 2. Trinity K Bonet - So ridiculously excited to see her back. Hoping she wins some challenges just so the #1 LSA can remind us all how it’s done. 3. Jan - She has one of the most fun personalities ever, I hope Ru treats her better this time around. That promo look is everything. 4. Kylie Sonique Love - She slapped me in the face and called me ugly every time she was on my TV screen 5. Eureka! - I know she’s super annoying but I still love what she brings to the show and I’m hoping she also provides some drama that we all expect from her. 6. Yara Sofia - She looks amazing and memorable as always! I can’t believe she’s actually back 7. Jiggly Caliente - I’m still floored at how utterly gorgeous she looks, especially in the promo video. The glow up is so real! Get that Pose money, queen! 8. Scarlet Envy - Like Jiggly, she looked absolutely stunning. I’m afraid she’ll get lost in the mix but hopefully she can surprise us. 9. Pandora Boxx - I really like Pandora but I always forget she exists lmao so she winds up here for now. 10. Silky Nutmeg Ganache - I don’t hate Silky anymore, lowkey hoping she and Eureka get into random beef 11. Ginger Minj - I know this is objectively too low for Ginger but her personality has just always bothered me and I’ve never been able to connect with her. She seems ready to slay though so I’m sure the Minj will be gracing us with her presence for awhile. 12. A’Keria C. Davenport - I didn’t mind her on S11 but I have zero connection with her so she winds up here. 13. Serena ChaCha - Derek’s friend lands comfortably at the bottom
  8. Why are we ranking people’s performances low because of their political views? Is this Twitter?
  9. Yassss we got the correct winner!! hoping to have things sorted out in time to play for S7, I’ll keep you posted @Alex95
  10. I Walk The Line being one of the top 2 Daughtry performances in this is shocking, but I'll take it!
  11. @Alex95 I’ll submit my rankings but I need to actually take a break from participating from now on, my life is getting pretty hectic so I don’t think I can dedicate proper time to this right now.
  12. Iconic top 2! Jan deserved better.
  13. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - (3) Lily, Victoria, Gigi Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (2) Sola, Wallace Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (9) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Kaley, Andy Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - (1) Steven Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (4) Crisis, Nico, Wallace, Gigi Katharine McPhee "Think" - (5) Chris, Diana, Sola, Steven, Gigi Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" - (3) Crisis, Victoria, Kaley Taylor Hicks "Living For The City" - (1) Gigi Paris Bennett "All I Do" - (4) Crisis, Tom, Lily, Wallace Chris Daughtry "Higher Ground" - (5) Alex, Elliott, Nico, Andrew, Weedy Paris Bennett "Fever" - (7) Alex, Chris, Lily, Victoria, Wallace, Kaley, Weedy Chris Daughtry "I Walk The Line" - (9) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Weedy, Andy Paris Bennett "Work It Out" - (1) Alex Elliott Yamin "I Don't Want To Be" - Paris Bennett "The Show Must Go On" - (7) Alex, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Andrew, Lily, Andy Elliott Yamin "It Had To Be You" - Chris Daughtry "Renegade" - (8) Alex, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Weedy Elliott Yamin "Home" - (1) Sola Taylor Hicks "Something" - Elliott Yamin "If I Can Dream" - Taylor Hicks "In The Ghetto" - (6) Chris, Sola, Victoria, Gigi, Kaley, Andy Elliott Yamin "Trouble" - (8) Sola, Crisis, Lily, Victoria, Wallace, Kaley, Weedy, Andy Taylor Hicks "Try A Little Tenderness" - (1) Crisis
  14. Yeah but I feel like Season 5 is the most evenly spread season thus far in terms of contestants who had great performances deserving of being in the top 20.
  15. Katharine already has 4 performances in the top 20 (which is 1/5) so if anyone will be oversaturated it’s her.
  16. I love all 10 of these characters! So my ranking was definitely a bit strategic
  17. I love Phyllis more than a lot of the more main characters but I didn’t want her to leave over Erin!
  18. Switching Michael Scott Dwight Schrute Jim Halpert Pam Beesly Angela Martin Stanley Hudson Phyllis Lapin - Steven, Diana, QK, Kaley, Andy Kevin Malone - Steven, Alex, Diana, Derek, Andy, Kaley Kelly Kapoor Meredith Palmer Jan Levinson Erin Hannon - Alex, QK, Derek
  19. Michael Scott Dwight Schrute - Andy Jim Halpert Pam Beesly Angela Martin Stanley Hudson Phyllis Lapin - Steven, Diana, QK Kevin Malone - Steven, Alex, Diana, Derek, Andy Kelly Kapoor Meredith Palmer Jan Levinson Erin Hannon - Alex, QK, Derek
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