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  1. Colton Dixon "Decode" - (3) Andrew, Priscilla, Kevin Joshua Ledet "I Wish" - (2) Crisis, Andy Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" - (2) Hayden, Richard Erika Van Pelt "New York State Of Mind" - (8) Alex, Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Kevin, Megan, Crisis, Andy Colton Dixon “Piano Man” - (2) - Priscilla, Richard Skylar Laine "Gunpowder And Lead" - (3) Alex, Megan, Crisis Phillip Phillips "Still Rainin'" - (1) Kevin Colton Dixon "Love The Way You Lie" - (2) - Priscilla, Richard Phillip Phillips "U Got It Bad" - (7) Alex, Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Megan, Crisis, Andy Jessica Sanchez "Try A Little Tenderness" - (2) Alex, Priscilla Skylar Laine "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - (1) Kevin Jessica Sanchez "Proud Mary" - Joshua Ledet "To Love Somebody" - (2) Derek, Richard Phillip Phillips "Home" - (5) Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Megan, Andy
  2. I was going to abstain out of protest but I might as well vote Battle 1: Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" - 14 (Andrew, Elliott, Zoey, Chris, QK, Megan, Richard, Sola, Wallace, Hayden, Nico, Weedy, Amanda, Andy) Joshua Ledet "A Change Is Gonna Come" - 8 (Alex, Steven, Diana, JC, Derek, Lily, Gigi, Akshar) Battle 2: Joshua Ledet "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" - 3 (Megan, Derek, Gigi) Colton Dixon “Piano Man” - 18 (Andrew, Alex, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, JC, Richard, Sola, Wallace, Lily, Hayden, Akshar, Weedy, Amanda, Andy) Battle 3: Phillip Phillips "Home" - 15 (Elliott, Steven, Diana, Chris, Andrew, JC, Weedy, Megan, Derek, Sola, Hayden, Nico, Akshar, Weedy, Andy) Joshua Ledet "Ready For Love" - 7 (Alex, Zoey, QK, Richard, Wallace, Lily, Gigi) Battle 4: Jessica Sanchez "Try A Little Tenderness" - 12 (Alex, Diana, Zoey, QK, JC, Wallace, Lily, Hayden, Gigi, Akshar, Amanda, Andy) Phillip Phillips "Beggin'" - 10 (Andrew, Elliott, Steven, Chris, Megan, Richard, Derek, Sola, Nico, Weedy) Battle 5: Jessica Sanchez "Dance With My Father" - 9 (Andrew, JC, Richard, Wallace, Lily, Hayden, Akshar, Weedy, Amanda) Jessica Sanchez "Proud Mary" - 13 (Alex, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Megan, Derek, Sola, Nico, Gigi, Andy) Battle 6: Jessica Sanchez "Steal Away" - 9 (Alex, JC, Megan, Richard, Derek, Wallace, Lily, Gigi,Akshar) Colton Dixon "Decode" - 13 (Andrew, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Weedy, Sola, Hayden, Nico, Amanda, Andy) Battle 7: Phillip Phillips "Still Rainin'" - 17 (Andrew, Alex, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Chris, JC, Weedy, Megan, Richard, Derek, Sola, Hayden, Nico,Akshar, Amanda, Andy) Jessica Sanchez "How Will I Know" - 5 (Zoey, QK, Wallace, Lily, Gigi) Battle 8: Joshua Ledet "I Wish" - 17 (Alex, Elliott, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Richard, Derek, Wallace, Lily, Hayden, Nico, Gigi, Akshar, Weedy, Amanda, Andy) Phillip Phillips "Stand By Me" - 5 (Andrew, Steven, JC, Megan, Sola)
  3. I thought we were friends @1234567890 and tangentially @goofycilla90
  4. Why are we complaining about Jessica’s performances being cut? She already makes up like half of the top 20, Elise is the one being robbed here
  5. Boring winner! But not undeserved! Super happy to see You and I in the top 3
  6. I thought the same thing. Was the public polled in 2008?
  7. Ugh I should have pushed harder for an Elise performance.
  8. Way behind, but I finally watched the finale. Here are my overall rankings atm: 1. Ra'Jah O'Hara - Are we surprised? This queen killed it from start to finish. I'm so inspired that she made all of her looks with her own two hands, as someone who is learning sewing right now I can barely make a set of napkins without some major frustration. I was so impressed with her infectious energy and tendency to build the other queens up all season long as opposed to the anger we saw from her in S11. Maybe my favorite ru-demption arc in Drag Race herstory. The obvious winner to me. 2. Eureka - Another joy to watch all season long, her track record was low-key the most consistent. Even the week she went home I don't think she was necessarily the weakest of the bunch. Eureka was so joyful all season long and I could tell she was just there to have fun and enjoy the journey. 3. Kylie Sonique Love - Queen of being fourth out 11 years ago to taking home the crown in one of the most competitive seasons ever. Would I have given her the crown? No but these days my favorite never wins anymore lmfao. Kylie seems like such an incredible human who has been through so much and I'm thrilled to see her experience this level of success. I also LOVED the outfit she wore when she was crowned, she looked correct. 4. Ginger Minj - Honestly 2-4 feel pretty interchangeable to me at this point. I never thought I'd be a Ginger fan but she was so much more enjoyable this season. I think lowkey my favorite moment all season long was her blending into the Werk Room wall and spying on the other girls. James Bond who?? 5. Trinity K Bonet - When it was all said and done, I think she left at the right time, but that doesn't take away from the dominant couple of wins that Trinity had (I think she could have taken the W when Jan won, as well). I did see some of that same defeatest energy towards the end that we saw in her original season, which was sad to see. But I love her still! 6. Silky Nutmeg Ganache - Shot up in the rankings during the Game within a game. I always felt a little bad for Silky with how the fanbase treated her in S11, so it was great to see her have such a breakthrough episode. I loooove Eureka but I wouldn't have even minded seeing Silky be the returning queen. 7. Scarlet Envy - I do believe she was robbed and had some of the best runways all season long.....having said that, I do think she was pretty terrible the week she went home. So it's not like she's the most shafted queen of all time. 8. A'Keria C. Davenport - Even though she didn't place very high, I came out of this season loving A'Keria more than going into it! Such a class act, she had a really infectious energy throughout the season. Her decision not to compete in the lipsync smackdown was respectable. 9. Yara Sofia - I would have kept her around a bit longer, but she did become a little annoying by the end of her run lmao. I don't think she deserved to go when she did though. Not even Bottom 2 worthy imo. 10. Jan - Aww Jan. Part of me wants to put her a few spots higher because I really do empathize with her. I think her persona is very genuine and she sees herself as a happy, supportive, kind person. But she's just ANNOYING lol. And became kind of delusional by the end of it? Like she was on borrowed time for the last couple of weeks she was in the competition. Having said that, I'm thrilled she finally got her win and I am still a fan overall. I think she's a sweet human. 11. Pandora Boxx - So forgettable, I also didn't like her energy all season long. She seemed annoyed. 12. Jiggly Caliente - I mean I was super disappointed in how her run turned out because I love me some Jiggly....but she did it to herself lmao that outfit was atrocious. 13. Serena ChaCha - I suppose she wasn't the WORST in the talent show but she was so out of place in this cast, it only made sense for her to go first lol. Poor thing.
  9. @*Diana agreeing with all my correct opinions, we stan this legend!
  10. I feel Marry the Night would hit harder if it were like, a minute shorter. It gets kind of repetitive towards the end (still a great song though).
  11. Amazing top 10! Wish Speechless snuck in, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t universally loved
  12. Elliott with the absolute worst take
  13. Dramatic Dee is back also how tf was Electric Chapel ranked so low
  14. I genuinely do not understand the Stupid Love hatred. it’s too inoffensive to be anything less than tolerated.
  15. I’m eating my words already and this album is a huge grower
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