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  1. That wasn’t at all what they said? Their critique was that the Canada shtick stopped being funny after the first couple of times she used it, which was kind of true. (Still think she was better than Gigi and Widow though)
  2. 1. Crystal - Still my favorite, she's playing her own game and it's really refreshing to watch. I kind of hope she doesn't win (and don't think she will) so we can see her come back for an All-Stars season, that's how much I love watching her. 2. Heidi - One of the most entertaining queens of all time. I love everything she says, ugh 3. Jaida - After this week I am definitely a fan, her calling out Crystal for not knowing who DeBarge is cracked me up since the fandom has been saying that from the start lmao. Plus her runway look was a 10/10, one of the best of the season for sure 4. Jackie - Idk she wasn't that bad in the challenge, but I can see the Canada joke getting a little tired. Her runway look and lipsync were great (although Firework is such a cringey song to me so it was hard for me to truly enjoy the lipsync haha) 5. Widow - I kind of feel like Ru/production tore into her and I hope she as a person is okay and sees her worth, because that (plus Untucked) was just painful to watch. Though I do agree with them that her debate was just......not funny. 6. Gigi - Ugh. Officially not a fan of hers. I like the confidence but like, gurl you ain't Violet or Aquaria. Maybe have some people other than your mom make some of your outfits?? Just a thought
  3. Let’s just say I haven’t done a rankdown in awhile and I’m ready to being the chaos
  4. Taste!!! The two best of S1
  5. Oh fair enough! I was just going through the list and wanted to give it a shout out haha
  6. Robbed! The greatest comedy show ever
  7. The taste! I’m rewatching It with my roommate because what else is there to do
  8. Boooooo. This is the best show on television
  9. Season 8 Naomi >>> AS4 Naomi
  10. After tonight's episode: 1. Crystal Methyd - She is easily my favorite at this point, everything the does is so endearing and entertaining to me. And she's easily my favorite on the runway this season. 2. Heidi N Closet - Still annoyed that the judges won't just call her by her own chosen name, but whatever...like Crystal, I adore Heidi and she slayed this week. I'm glad she has a win under her belt now. 3. Jan - I don't think her commercial was B2 worthy, but there was no way the judges would risk putting up Gigi or SP for elimination. Having said that, Widow definitely won the lipsync and I do think Jan's commercial was a bit much. Overall though, f*ck the judges. They treated Jan pretty poorly all season long. Also she looked incredible tonight. 4. Jaida Essence Hall - She's so elegant <3 5. Widow Von'Du - I really felt for her this episode, but yeah her challenge performance was maybe the worst of the eight (and the bottom four were all pretty bad). Her lipsync performance was on point though and it seems like they're setting her up for a comeback next week? 6. Jackie Cox - Her commercial was funny-ish, I think her runway wasn't that special. I don't know, I'm just not seeing it with her. I really want to, and I know she's a fan favorite....but I've just been really underwhelmed with her all season. Maybe I'd like her more on a rewatch? 7. Gigi Goode - Her commercial was terrible, literally it was just her bragging about all her wins and then ripping off Katya's commercial from AS2. Also, she sticks to the same few silhouettes on the runway. Some weeks I really like her, but overall I think she's very overrated. :(
  11. Cheryl I think she’s my DRUK favorite oops
  12. 1. Crystal 2. Jan 3. Heidi Huge Gap 4. Gigi 5. Jaida 6. Jackie 7. Widow 8. Brita
  13. 1. Adam Klein - that was a thrill to watch 2. Tony Vlachos - daddy 3. Kim Spradlin - beast 4. Sophie Clarke - give her more confessionals!! 5. Ben Driebergen - holy sht I am starting to stan Ben this season 6. Michele Fitzgerald - queen of teaching us how probability works 7. Sarah Lacina - she really is one of the best players ever isn't she 8. Jeremy Collins - his reactions at camp before they went to tribal sent me 9. Tyson Apostol - impressed he survived two votes so easily 10. Denise Stapley - impressed people already seemingly forgot about her Sandra move 11. Natalie Anderson - still the EOE queen 12. Nick WIlson - he was kind of annoying this episode but i guess his strategy kinda worked?? 13. Parvati Shallow - premerge goddess 14. Rob Mariano - his comment about needing therapy on the edge of extinction made him this high 15. Yul Kwon - still Yul 16. Ethan Zohn - still Ethan 17. Danni Boatwright - i hate that i keep forgetting she's here 18. Wendell Holland - get that toothpick out ya mouth 19. Amber Mariano - who?
  14. 1. Crystal Methyd - just something about her that I adore. Her Poppy was not funny but was quite accurate so I’m glad she avoided lip syncing. 2. Heidi N Closet - One of the most likable queens ever, I mean ugh she is so fun to watch 3. Jan - Forgettable this week but overall she deserves to be one of the front runners. It’s a shame the judges don’t give two craps about her 4. Gigi Goode - I agree with Zoey that her runway looks are all very similar and it is getting a little old - however I am very impressed with her confidence and she was absolutely hilarious in Snatch Game 5. Jackie Cox - loved her Snatch Game, did not like her runway this week 6. Jaida Essence Hall - I enjoy her personality and confessionals much more than I enjoy her performances in the challenges, and her runways haven’t really excited me much. 7. Widow Von’Du - Meh 8. Aiden Zhane - Meh 9. Brita - I feel bad for her because she not only is she tanking week after week but she also just comes across as delusional and unlikable. That’s a double whammy in the Drag Race world unfortunately
  15. 1. Sophie Clarke 2. Tony Vlachos 3. Kim Spradlin 4. Michele Fitzgerald 5. Sarah Lacina 6. Nick Wilson 7. Ben Driebergen 8. Jeremy Collins 9. Yul Kwon 10. Denise Stapley 11. Adam Klein 12. Parvati Shallow 13. Natalie Anderson 14. Ethan Zohn 15. Danni Boatwright 16. Tyson Apostol 17. Wendell Holland 18. Amber Mariano 19. Rob Mariano
  16. Sophie is the f*cking Godfather this season
  17. Yeah, this is definitely accurate. It’s a shame too because there are some really promising queens, it’s gotta be really disappointing for all of the queens on this season to be associated with Sherry, as well as the season airing while everyone is stuck inside and can’t go support them in shows.
  18. Normani was a judge last night? I don’t remember seeing her.
  19. Overall rankings after this week: 1. Jan 2. Crystal Methyd 3. Heidi N Closet 4. Everyone else kind of a disappointing season so far, actually. I blame Sherry Pie and COVID-19 for killing the mood.
  20. Time will tell, but I still think it would have been wiser to get out someone who had never approached her in the first place. I get that Sandra was her biggest target from the beginning but Denise was limiting her options by getting her out imo. Still a really fun move
  21. Denise's move was really fun to watch but thinking about it a bit more it was kind of stupid, imo, to be on the bottom and betray the one person on the top who you've built a relationship with. She should have taken Tony or Kim out but I'm glad she didn't haha
  22. 1. Sophie 2. Michele 3. Tony 4. Kim 5. Sarah 6. Yul 7. Parvati 8. Denise (would have been much higher if the move itself was actually a smart move) 9. Natalie 10. Jeremy not really rooting for anyone else at this point but.. 11. Ben 12. Nick 13. Tyson for buying food 14. Sandra 15. Danni 16. Ethan 17. Adam 18. Amber 19. Rob - back to being at the bottom lol 20. Wendell
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