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  1. Really happy for Kelly, Jurnee, Pentatonix, and David! Great results!
  2. a Julia and Francisco win would be interesting because new school domination!
  3. wow at david and tamyra so low, expected them to be higher
  4. ooooh love this, such a beautiful voice
  5. wow those pictures of David
  6. love the top 3! Haley, Alison and Latoya were wonderful in their final performances
  7. Nev & Jenna Chrishell & Gleb Jeannie & Brandon Nelly & Daniella Kaitlyn & Artem Justina & Sasha Skai & Alan Jesse & Sharna Johnny & Britt Monica & Val Anne & Keo Vernon & Peta Charles & Emma AJ & Cheryl Carole & Pasha
  8. nothing horribly shocking about the results so that's good!
  9. This show has been so predictable this season
  10. Nev, Nelly, and Crishell are my favorites so far
  11. Francisco Martin Arthur Gunn Just Sam Jonny West Dillon James
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