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  1. 1. Haley & Kaylynn 2. Hung & Chee 3. Eswar & Aparna 4. Riley & Madison 5. Deangelo & Gary 6. Will & James
  2. So sad the ladies were eliminated, they were so fun and the alliance of five is so boring
  3. Kris is too cute, love seeing this success
  4. some great auditions, interested if covid will affect this season as well
  5. Interesting audition videos, the only one I know is Vonzell Listening to them, they were all great though
  6. What? That is amazing. I would have died
  7. Really happy for Kelly, Jurnee, Pentatonix, and David! Great results!
  8. a Julia and Francisco win would be interesting because new school domination!
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