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  1. I REMEMBER THIS! Only because I will never not love 19 You + Me. It has a special place in my heart. But yes, I adore them. I love that they do these behind the scenes things that most artists don't do. It's super cool.
  2. LOL I actually looked into it to do it for you, but the charge is a little steep.
  3. Aw! Only because it was recent that we talked about him. lol And I'm trying! Brett also has a Youtube thing on right now that I'm watching for Spirit Airlines.
  4. Now this one we HAVE talked about, so I knew you liked him.
  5. There is an option for texting, which is much cheaper and affordable, but I wanted to do video. It's just too much. I think there are examples on his page, though.
  6. Maybe I just missed it, but I LOVE them!
  7. I looked into this *for reasons* and it's a little expensive. A little TOO expensive.
  8. Are we even friends if I didn't know this?!
  9. Now this is a thread I can get behind.
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