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  1. Ooh a lot of my faves already went through! I’m going to advance Trenyce “Proud Mary” to the 4th round, then I’ll look at the list again before I decide on the other 4
  2. Starting to rewatch some of my favs tonight while I have some free time so I won’t be the boat anchor-ranker this round
  3. Omg I didn’t think it would win, but I’m so happy it did! One of my favorites of all-time! Whole top 5 was stellar and I wouldn’t have been upset with any of them taking it.
  4. A little sad “Ain’t No Sunshine” wasn’t able to push all the way into top 5. It was such a hypnotic and captivating performance. And I remember thinking she was so beautiful all through her season. I see that hasn’t changed!
  5. I’d think about joining if it seems like work is going to calm down enough that I can commit time to it Always looking for an excuse to listen to new music.
  6. Still no huge complaints with the results... I would have had “Touch Me In the Morning” in the top 10 just because it’s one of the ones I always loved from the season and I thought Tamyra sounded great. But I also had a feeling that that wasn’t one of the super-beloved performances for everyone, so I’m not too upset or surprised. Felt bad ranking “Don’t Play That Song” so low, but it was honestly the only performance from the top 20 that I didn’t remember without rewatching it, so I figured that had to count for something. Loving this Top 10, and very happy to see Christina get in it, too! Also, watching all the videos back has reminded me how much all of these girls were such early 2000s fashion goals to 13/14 year old Kaley.
  7. 20. You Really Got Me (I ranked 20)— This one was an easy last place for me. I don’t dislike Ryan, but it was the weakest of the bunch. 19. Lately (I ranked 18)— I was surprised to see RJ wind up with a song in the top 20, but this was definitely one of his strongest. I always liked the sound of his voice and thought he was adorable. 18. The Glory of Love (I ranked 16)— I had actually forgotten about this performance until rewatch which is why it ended up so low. Her voice sounds nice on it, though. Like a few others have said, I would have rather seen “At Last” or “Ain’t No Mountain” as a second showing for her (which probably would have creeped a few places higher), but this performance was also solid. 17. I’m the Only One (I ranked 17)— I love this song, and it suited Nikki’s voice very well. I probably would rather have seen “Black Velvet” as her 2nd appearance, but I still prefer this one to the boys’ performances and Ryan. 16. Get Here (I ranked 19)— I don’t dislike Justin, but I wasn’t crazy about this song any of the times he performed it. I think he had better showings. The Top 20 is super stacked, and while I hated putting him all the way at the bottom I really couldn’t justify moving him any higher. No huge surprises so far, but I think things are going to start to get interesting and a little more unpredictable.
  8. Sent! I had a really tough time as I loved pretty much everything in my top 15. So I honestly won’t be surprised no matter what wins since a case could be made for a lot of them Excited to see how other people ranked these because I could have gone several different ways!
  9. Just got home from work. You will have this within the hour Pressure is on if it’s that close!
  10. Oops, I got stuck the other night and then forgot to finish I’ll send them after work tonight before the deadline
  11. Watching all these again tonight. Will have the rankings in this weekend!
  12. Tamyra Gray "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" - (2) Alex, Kaley Kelly Clarkson "Respect" - (4) Alex, Sola, Elliott, Kaley Tamyra Gray "Touch Me In The Morning" - (2) Sola, Kaley Justin Guarini "For Once In My Life" - Kelly Clarkson "You're All I Need To Get By" - Nikki McKibbin "Piece Of My Heart" - Tamyra Gray "If I Were Your Woman" - (2) Alex, Sola Christina Christian "The Glory Of Love" - (1) Alex Kelly Clarkson "Walk On By" - RJ Helton "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" - Nikki McKibbin "Mary Jane" - (3) Sola, Elliott, Kaley Kelly Clarkson "It's Raining Men" - Justin Guarini "Get Here" - Nikki McKibbin "I'm The Only One" - (1) Elliott Justin Guarini "Let's Stay Together" - Nikki McKibbin "Black Velvet" - (2) Elliott, Kaley Kelly Clarkson "Without You" - (2) Alex, Elliott Kelly Clarkson "A Moment Like This" - (1) Sola Kelly Clarkson "Before Your Love" -
  13. Sorry I didn’t think “Route 66” was too high on anyone’s radar! I haven’t thought about a lot of these performances since I was 13 and watching it air, so I’m going off of what’s deep in the memory banks (which is amazingly a lot of these!)
  14. I like most of these left, so I’m going to cut the one I remember least: Justin Guarini “Route 66”
  15. A big part of the reason I sent no comments. I couldn’t think of much to say for most of these
  16. Sent just rankings with no comments a few minutes ago on my lunch break.
  17. Happy Birthday, Chris!! Working on this now. You’ll have it tonight!
  18. Hm, I’ll do 3 I kind of remember since we are very picked out at this point! — Christopher Aaron “Still In Love” — Gil Sinuet “Ribbon in the Sky” — Justin Guarini “Sunny”
  19. Oh my, I should have done this last night because now there’s very few options let me see what’s left and pick a few.
  20. I’m gonna move Tamyra “If I Were Your Woman” to round 3 before too many more options disappear and then decide the rest when I get home in like an hour.
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