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  1. I'm surprised her dad didn't throw a fit that you could see her knees.
  2. MELISSA JOAN HART I wonder which nostalgia childhood favourite has turned out to be more problematic between her and JK Rowling. Every time I think it's one of them, the other does something even more terrible than before. Melissa Joan Hart was a Mark Ballas partner from the ninth season, which I think is probably when his trend of getting the Republicans and/or children started. Let's look at what Wikipedia has to say: Melissa Joan Hart - Republican Shannen Doherty - Republican, but not a terrible person at least Bristol Palin - Literal scum Chelsea
  3. SADIE ROBERTSON I feel like I have either eliminated or contributed to Sadie's elimination in every rankdown, and I'm at peace with that. One of my all-time least favourite contestants on the show. Sadie Robertson is terrible. As a dancer. As a contestant. Probably as a person, too, given her family. #neverforgot the time she referred to her grandfather's comments equating homosexuality to beastiality as "unpopular comments." Don't give me any of that "you don't turn your back on family" BS, I've called several of my relatives racists enables in the last three months and unfri
  4. Cut Sadie Robertson & Melissa Joan Hart Save f*ck it, I guess former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer?
  5. idk that's for the person running the rankdown to figure out
  6. She went into labour yesterday and had the baby today, based off her posts.
  7. It’s clearly going to be No Scrubs.
  8. That should say lip syncs but I like the typo so it’s staying.
  9. I’d partake in a rankdown of lil syncs
  10. Tia & Maks - “What a Wonderful World” (Waltz) Master P & Ashly - “I Want You Back” (Cha-Cha) Master P & Ashly - “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” (Jive)
  11. She has four songs on the soundtrack sis
  12. Me contacting the other LeAnn Rimes stans before the 2000s film rankdown.
  13. *me logging onto Reddit and seeing the drama I’ve missed from the last 24 hours* Well I didn’t have “stan Farrah Moan” on my 2021 bingo card but c’est la vie
  14. Janet Jackson posted about Tamisha on her Instagram story so this is now a Tamisha Iman stan account. @*Wallace@*Lily tagging my fellow Janet stans
  15. Oh we’re waiting on me. What’s left?
  16. BONNER BOLTON Bonner sucks. Both as a contestant and as a person. But he was with Sharna Burgess, so that's to be expected. (Charlie, Hinch and I guess Jesse unless someone knows something are excluded from this narrative.) He ended up placing fifth, despite receiving several low scores and lacking any sort of ability to actually dance. -Me when people ask me why Bonner Bolton lasted so long on Dancing With the Stars. -Me when I had to watch That's What I Like for the first time. -Me when Britt wasn't immediately given a pro s
  17. RAY LEWIS Ray Lewis is an alleged murderer and former NFL player who competed in the twenty eighth season of Dancing With the Stars, where he was with Cheryl Burke because the show has loved to give her horrible partners for the better part of a decade. On the show, Ray made it too long which was to be expected since he's a football player. At least he wasn't the biggest overstay that year? #lowstandards I don't remember any routine he good, and I don't want to spend any more time thinking about him which means looking it up is not happening so
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