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  1. I mean I don’t think the people who liked Ally are trolls.
  2. That doesn’t save you or Honey Boo Boo from getting a strike. :*
  3. Shows how little I remember the Athletes season when I had no idea he was apart of it.
  4. Most of whom get paired with Queen Cheryl for their “redemption”.
  5. I’ll send mine in tonight. I’m trying to figure out which of my twinky faves are most likely to be nominated.
  6. Not that I’m defending/excusing Andy Dick’s actions, but I believe he has a history of mental illness and drug abuse, and has talked about trying to better himself. (not that I know if he’s done anything to show that.) So I probably would’ve made the same decision between the two of them.
  7. Johnny Damon is racist and Andy Dick has sexually harassed many female employees so take your pick tbh.
  8. It’s 24 hours so Lily or any of the wildcards should be able to make a cut now.
  9. Victoria’s on pacific time. But her deadline is in 14 minutes. :*
  10. Official cast announcement as if we haven’t all posted in here.
  11. America also loved B*bby Bones, so what's your point?
  12. What if her #1 is your #28? :shifty:
  13. Denise, the public and myself still have our #1s to reveal. I wonder whose #1 will show up first. :shifty:
  14. Chris - 9.33 Dee - 7.33 Denise - 6.33 Diana - 14.00 Elliott - 4.67 Victoria - 5.33 Wally - 12.00 Public - 5.67 Averages of our top three. Wally is clearly hindered by his #28 still being in.
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