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  1. 1. Just now starting the episode. 2. Amanda posted her DWTS noms for Alex and Lily.
  2. BONNER BOLTON (According to Google Images, this is a “Bonner Bolton DWTS gif” so we’ll just go with that.) Bonner Bolton was on the twenty-fourth season of Dancing With the Stars, where he somehow made it to fifth place. Over the likes of Heather Morris, Nancy Kerrigan or even Nick Viall. (What? He’s hot...) He was partnered with our favourite pro, Sharna Burgess, and proceeded to be absolutely f*cking dreadful every single week we were forced to sit through what they very liberally referred to as his dancing. I hope he doesn’t get married because that reception will be hella awkward
  3. Cut Bonner Save Cincinnati native Nick Lachey
  4. Aleksandra Wodja is a SYTYCD Rankdown icon. :*
  5. JOSHUA ALLEN Can we do a rankdown that lets me cut Pharside & Phoenix and drag them for being low-key racist On August 3, 2017, Joshua Allen was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading no contestant to domestic assault. He was initially charged on July 14, 2016 on both felony and misdemeanour charges following a January 13, 2016 conviction that was the result of an attempted strangulation of his ex-girlfriend on April 13, 2015. On June 19, he attacked his ex-girlfriend again and chased her into a coffee shop. He threw a glass vase at her before he was subdued by patrons who
  6. Cut Joshua Allen Save Aleksandra
  7. The best part of S9 was it only airing for three episodes made Fox give season ten a proper amount of weeks so that we got a showcase and single eliminations every week. It was just ruined in the last 30 seconds.
  8. To be fair, it’s probably because everyone was meh about it when the season was airing so naturally I liked it.
  9. I listed a Tiffany routine as a favourite from S9 to no acknowledgement. I see how it is. :'(
  10. In no particular order My Homies Still Toxic Possibly Maybe 3326 The Lovecats Dance My Pain Away Out of My Mind Audrey/Aubrey’s hip-hop with tWitch Eliana’s quickstep Witney’s half of Calling You The season finally ending Yeah, that’s all I got.
  11. Jeanine should placed higher. :)
  12. Though I will say I momentarily stanned when her finalist retrospective consisted of her dragging production and Nigel. That was iconic. :*
  13. We kind of have to. You gave her immunity. :bleh:
  14. Look, S9 probably had like ten routines. Let me enjoy the ones I want. :*
  15. And yet I told you that Rei also wanted to cut Tiffany and y’all didn’t do anything. Or maybe I told Dee that I told you so he’d be prepared because I take my dead seriously even though I wanted her out. I can’t remember. It was a dark time in my past. I could go back to shading Lindsay’s run on S9 if you prefer.
  16. Me trying to remember anything about season 9 other than Toxic and My Homies Still:
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