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  1. Heartbreaker was a guilty pleasure. :* I’d have kept her around over Karla. I feel like her and Jonathan could’ve been a better match than Vitolio and Karla.
  2. Here to shade you for your music taste.
  3. MALENE OSTERGAARD A ballroom dancer from season eleven, Malene Ostergaard notably has an incredibly long name. She was partnered with Marcquet Hill for the showcase round, where the two of them did a routine to The Holy Spearit’s Work Bitch Work Work. She landed in the bottom three based off that routine, and after her routine with Stanley Glover, she was eliminated. Oops, looking at Wikipedia, it turns out I mixed her and Jourdan up in my mind. Fitting since like half of the girls side that season is interchangeable AND HOW IS BRIDGET WHITMAN STILL IN THIS. Anyway, Malene’s real first
  4. I liked Freak Show. Her save slays though. <3
  5. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Does One Life to Live have Reese Witherspoon in it? It does not, so I’m cutting it here. Honestly I’m not even a big Reese Witherspoon fan to begin with, but let’s not act like Elle getting Chutney to confess to murdering her father after ruining her alibi of getting a perm due to her shower not ruining the ammonium thioglycolate wasn’t cinematic art. :* Did I really just say all that to fill my word count easier? Obviously. So One Life to Live was a soap opera that is no longer aired since I believe General Hospital starring season one champion and All Stars underdog
  6. NFL Network: Jerry Rice is the best football player in his position. Me: Yeah but he robbed Stacy Keibler, why are we ignoring this?
  7. I have no preference since I’ve never seen either so any preferences?
  8. What’re my options? This aged poorly.
  9. SOPHIE PITTMAN Me to every ranker who hasn't nominated Sophie Pittman or who kept saving her. Sophie Pittman has somehow made it nearly to the end of the second cycle of nominations and has somehow outlasted three people from her season. Despite the fact that she's by far the single worst contestant to ever make the finale in SYTYCD history. Sophie became the first contestant in SYTYCDUS history to make the finale without ever dancing out of her style during a voting round (which is honestly quite shocking when you remember that Melanie Moore exists), as her first non-jazzte
  10. Refreshing this just in case I past the 30 minute mark because I need time to properly drag her.
  11. This is a Wally stan account now At least until your next round of nominating tappers.
  12. Cut Sophie :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Save Alexis Juliano
  13. I didn't nominate Jacque? I don't really mind her all things considered.
  14. It's snowing outside. It wasn't last night.
  15. Eliminate every girl from S11 except Tanisha tbh. And Jessica Richens.
  16. @Andrew, Sophie is from an even numbered season. (!)
  17. And I thought me nominating Chelsie would’ve done it. :'(
  18. Give me an advantage for being the one trying to cut her. :ermm:
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