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  1. I didn’t notice you saved Ally McBeal. I just thought that was my option against The Sopranos.
  2. Cut Ally McBeal Save The Sopranos
  3. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/dwts-hopes-to-ca...r-season-29.htm DWTS wants to get Christie Brinkley back for next year, apparently. And also Ch*rlie Sheen and a political since it's election season, so clearly they haven't learned their lesson.
  4. So we need to eliminate Hannahlei next?
  5. It was only messy the first half hour imo. Though a few of the scenes feel like they could’ve been shortened.
  6. I just wanted an excuse to post that.
  7. I didn’t even read. I just assumed.
  8. I’m only four episodes in, but let it be known The Morning Show was robbed of its spot in this rankdown.
  9. ...Imagine putting a Lizzo song this low. :x
  10. @Victoria @Wally, Andrew got me Blackout on vinyl for Christmas.
  11. It’s to help women succeed in male-dominated industries.
  12. You chose me, deal with the consequences. :)
  13. Wally, we’re nominating Scherzy and Bindi.
  14. If I had $750 to spare, it’d go to far more useful things. Also I think they’re all auctioning off their stuff to raise money for Angelina’s charity.
  15. AIDEN TURNER Aiden Turner is an actor best known for his role on All My Child, which starred Queen of Emmy Nominations Susan Lucci. He was a contestant on the tenth season of DWTS (you know, the season where Nic*le & D*rek robbed Evan & Anna) and he was partnered with Edyta Sliwinska, who was in her tenth consecutive season as a pro. The two of them placed ninth and went out in week four. Their highest routine was a 20 for their quickstep, and their lowest score was a 15 that was received twice for their cha cha cha and their Rumba. Ew I just saw they placed lower than K*te and
  16. I don’t have a preference between them so if one of the judges Wally wants to step in, they can. Otherwise I’ll get to it tonight when I’m done with my to-do list.
  17. The live action Lady and the Tramp made me ugly cry.
  18. I’m waiting out of protest for Aaron Samuels being cut. :*
  19. I saw! It apparently happened over the summer, but she understandably didn’t post the photos until now.
  20. We can feel the shade all the way up here.
  21. My write-up on Sophie: Has photos, gifs expressing my mood, requires scrolling to read it all, included video references My write-up on Malene: idk, lemme just wrongly remember details
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