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  1. I’m aware. There’s still two sets with Taylor Swift in a thread that only like ten people post in.
  2. I always think Amanda is Diana and vice versa because of their sets.
  3. Don’t include The Virus because it already ruins enough. (!)
  4. Live footage of Alex expelling me from the rankdown after this round She’s also in GBF btw. :*
  5. I’m going to send in a list of exclusively five shows that need to be in the rankdown so Steven automatically picks me for not making him have to change his outline as a result of adding too many things.
  6. Some of us make the correct ones.
  7. SASHA PIETERSE Here’s the thing. I really do like Sasha as a person. I think her being open about her struggles with her weight and self confidence as a young woman in Hollywood is really inspirational (though I don’t let people’s stories affect how I feel about their dances :*) and she was one of the main characters in GBF, which is one of my favourite campy movies. (No, seriously. Go see it. Evanna Lynch plays a bible thumper. It’s hilarious.) However, in terms of Dancing With the Stars, she was a pretty dreadful contestant. She was partnered with Gleb, which probably should’ve been
  8. Chris’s time has expired so Cut Sasha Pieterse Save Adam Rippon
  9. Dean can’t try to use it at F5, but given the open discussion format of the FTC, Jamal can confirm it isn’t real.
  10. I’d @ you for saving Susie but then I’d @ you for saving Darion instead.
  11. I think the method they used for Jessie and Mitchell was fine - they were automatically in danger and had to dance a solo to save themselves. The issue they had in S6 was that Noelle’s injury happened when there wasn’t a results show the next night and the judges were deciding all of the results, and Ashleigh’s injury happened when it was purely up to America’s vote. We could’ve watched dress rehearsal footage, but then that wouldn’t have been fair to Russell. It just sucks in the current format because there’s no separate results show, so they basically get a free pass to the next week and s
  12. Andrew might need one. He's been in meetings all morning.
  13. I'm still deciding if I can do a fourth rankdown simultaneously, but I'll still send in a list of shows.
  14. That's always been my thought on it, too. I think Nigel basically said the same afterward. But Nick was my favourite that season so I wasn't happy at all.
  15. ROBERT TAYLOR, JR. Have I cut him before in the prior rankdowns? Probably. Robert Taylor, Jr. is a hip-hop dancer from the eight season. He was partnered with the ridiculously WHOOOOOOO overrated Miranda Maleski and the two of them made it all the way to the top sixteen after not being eliminated in the first week like they should've been, and then robbing Nick, Iveta and Missy (and I guess Wadi too) the next week. Their three-week run consisted of a terrible jive, a mediocre hip-hop to one of my favourite rappers and WHOOOOOOO an absolutely abomination of a broadway routine. The fact
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