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  1. BRIDGET WHITMAN Bridget Whitman is a contemporary dancer from season eleven, who made it all the way to the Top 10. She notably danced a mediocre contemporary with Stanley Glover in the showcase, brought Emilio Dosal down in their Top 20 hip-hop to Igloo Australia's "Work," was a mess in her Jive with Emilio to Pharrell's "Happy," managed to get a routine in her style that brought her into the Top 10 with a Travis Wall contemporary, was given an awful Ray Leeper jazz to "Long Road to Hell" and finally, to haunt my dreams, danced with Brandon Bryant for a Bollywood Disco. Yes, you read
  2. He said early next year, but I could see January so he has time to promote it before Idol.
  3. We don’t talk about that.
  4. Or have people who look like they weigh 10 pounds dancing to a song about being heavier set and proud of it, but that’s just me.
  5. I’ll get mine up tonight.
  6. Amanda - I didn’t rank her but I do like her. It probably helps that my appreciation came from her being the only good one in that finale, though. Ellenore - Love her! <3 Almost think I should’ve ranked her higher.
  7. Nicki’s annoying and is super problematic nowadays, but she was pretty much the only judge in S12 actually offering constructive advice and wasn’t afraid of being honest. Something that the show was missing since Simon left, but once he became a producer in S8/S9, the show went off the rails. Ellen’s the obvious vote, but I also thought Randy was pretty terrible pretty much the entire run too.
  8. The same people who think this also thought Ally was a good dancer so.
  9. Paulina Porizkova Ted McGinley Holly Madison Debi Mazar David Hasselhoff Chaz Bono Metta World Peace Lisa Vanderpump Billy Dee Williams Sean Avery Diana Nyad Charo Barbara Corcoran Jamie Anderson Nikki Glaser Mary Wilson
  10. Alex, which of us has to post the noms, or does it matter?
  11. Andrew is making me watch the Seahawks game so I’ve taken to calling Russell Wilson “Mr. Ciara.” Which i know isn’t relevant, but let it be known Ciara should do DWTS even if she’d get Tinashe’d.
  12. We’re at a standstill because one of us won’t let the other nominate Bindi Irwin.
  13. And let M*riah be the top girl from S16? I don’t think.
  14. AGENT CARTER Agent Carter is an ABC series centred around Peggy Carter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t know why her character necessitated a full series, but c’est le vie. It has eighteen episodes spread across its two seasons, and both seasons aired in the interim of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. taking a break. In the first season, Agent Carter assists Howard Stark after he’s accused of treason. The second season finds her in Los Angeles preventing an atomic age. It was well received critically and contributed to the MCU being so successful, but I’ve never seen it and d
  15. Cut Agent Carter Save American Dad
  16. LOUIE VITO Louie Vito is from the ninth season, and since he isn’t Mya, he can leave here. Louie Vito is a snowboarder who was partnered with Chelsie Hightower, so honestly this cut just sounds even better. They placed eighth in a sixteen person cast, which means they placed at the bottom at the top half in placements for that cast. Their highest score was a 22 and their lowest score was a 16. This was back in the days when the judges didn’t just hand out 7s for finishing a dance or a 10 because you’re leading the votes and your freestyle needs a 30 so you don’t become the first winner
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