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  1. The judges out here doing anything to make it seem like they were justified saving Ally as many times as Alaska & Detox saved Roxxxy.
  2. The "best DWTS 28 Routine" game that starts after the show ends.
  3. Alright, who y'all last minute predicting? :* After the way the audience reacted to his score, I still think Kel's taking it.
  4. This show's refusal to actually announce placements lately is the worst.
  5. Stick around for the Best Routine game, please. <3
  6. Are we really surprised Len didn't like a hip-hop freestyle? He probably didn't understand the controversy over S*an being cast, and take that as you will.
  7. Len, go f*ck yourself with something hard and sandpapery. :)
  8. lol Len's about to give Kel a 9 just to have Ally on top of the leaderboard by herself. :x
  9. Wait, Hannah’s on the next season of The Bachelor?
  10. I’d vote for Hannah if she was dancing to the Willam & Detox version.
  11. At least it’s better than Jessica Sanchez’s “cover” of it.
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