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  1. I mean Derek was also terrible. Sophie's only marginally worse because she gets docked from being associated with S16.
  2. We're agreeing from once so I'll refrain my shady comment.
  3. qe9JoN647iY GPflxMQANsY how they both weren't automatically disqualified from winning after that last routine, I will never know
  4. Amanda, I need to redo my nominations. I just realize I forgot to nominate Taylor Sieve. (!)
  5. Nico was eliminated over Tucker, Teddy was eliminated over Casey and Edson was eliminated over Derek. WHY WOULD I LIKE THEM. I thought the Kathryn connection would make Tate an easy save for y'all.
  6. I actually assumed Bailey, Tate (who danced with Kathryn ) and Benjamin would be easy saves. Just let it be noted that I didn't nominate Karen Hauer the first chance I got. :*
  7. Me realizing Sophie's going to survive all of cycle one since Andrew can't nominate her:
  8. Heidi's also a huge MAGAer. Benji and Lacey she is not.
  9. For nominating the children, terrible dancers and racists?
  10. Bailey Muñoz (S16) Benjamin Castro (S16) Casey Askew (S11) Derek Piquette (S12) Heidi Groskreutz (S2) Jordan Nata'e Wandick (S13) Leon "Kida" Burns (S13) Madison Jordan (S16) Sophie Pittman (S16) Tate McRae (S13) Tucker Knox (S10) Zack Everhart, Jr. (S11)
  11. Can I nominate Sophie Pittman 12 times so she finally goes? :|
  12. Yes the celebrity in this gif was intentional
  13. What is this Mia week you speak of that I’ve blocked out of my mind?
  14. DAREIAN KUJAWA WHOMST!?!? No, seriously. I had to look him up to remember who he is. ^Me right now. Dareian was a contemporary dancer from season 9, who ranked fourteenth alongside Matthew Kazmierczak, Amelia Lowe and Janelle Issis... who I legitimately forgot somehow made it further than Amber Jackson that year. :ermm: According to Wikipedia, he danced a contemporary in the showcase, an African Jazz, a lyrical hip-hop with Janelle that I think I remember being terrible but lol S9, and then a cha cha cha to Carly Rae Jepsen #theydidnotdeserve. They also did a contemporary
  15. *Me seeing everyone not want drama while knowing I thrive on drama*
  16. I agree with that last point. The international rankdown we did only had five rankers ans it took like ten months to get through.
  17. I hope there’s some sort of interaction between the two at some part.
  18. Chaos Elliott vs Petty Elliott vs Calm Elliott
  19. I’m convinced Betty White is just taking a day off of the life of everyone on Earth, and I’m honestly fine with that.
  20. Imagine not liking The Golden Girls. :x Can’t relate. :) All in the Family sucks though.
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