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  1. I edited my first post, and then when I posted my cut & save afterward, it had been less than five minutes so the posts combined. You can see my edit was at 11:13 and then when I posted my cut and save, it was at 11:14.
  2. MARIE OSMOND This is my third time eliminating Marie Osmond, so at least I’m consistent. Marie Osmond was a contestant in the fifth season of Dancing With the Stars who overstayed her welcome tremendously by placing third. She wasn’t that great of a dancer and her most notable moment was her “fainting” after a routine. Sure Jan. Her highest scoring dance was a 29 for her quickstep, while her lowest scoring dances were her foxtrot and samba, which both received a 21. Perhaps the worst thing she did to all of us was encourage D*nny to audition, where he ultimately won over Mya. :x
  3. I think it was Mark last year. Richard asked me to eliminate Joanna so Mark would win.
  4. Reading is hard. And I also posted the exact same moment you did too. Cut Marie Osmond Save Cloris
  5. Rei, Courtney has MS, not ALS.
  6. tl;dr JK. Excellent write-up, Queentoria. <3
  7. 1 Top 10 Girls Mariah Russell & Jonathan Platero - "La Malanga" (Salsa): Ashley Sanchez & Lex Ishimoto - "Lovely" (Contemporary): Anna Linstruth & Marko Germar - "Backwards" (Jazz): Sumi Oshima & Lex Ishimoto - "Angels" (Contemporary): Nazz Sidryan & Fik-Shun Stegall - "Overseas" (Hip-Hop): 2 (Moved On) Stephanie Sosa & Robert Roldan - "You Say" (Contemporary): Top 10 Guys Bailey Muñoz & Lauren Froderman - "Fire On Fire" (Contemporary): Ezra Sosa & Comfort Fedoke - "We Outta Here!" (Hip-Hop): 1 Benjamin Castro & Koine
  8. Is that when the disables start that can only be used on people whose name starts with a Jensen and ends with an Arnold?
  9. Fortunately one of the people power voting for T*mpo has moved on to ruining the DWTS game in A*ly's favour, so we may be lucky. #noshade
  10. I just remembered Madison's boyfriend was a hottie, so can I replace her with Taylor Sieve? Asking for myself.
  11. I love Sabra. For the love of all things holy, one of you please eliminate Tucker Knox.
  12. I just voted so go someone else. :*
  13. 1 Top 10 Girls Mariah Russell & Jonathan Platero - "La Malanga" (Salsa): Melany Mercedes & Fik-Shun Stegall - "Get Silly" (Hip-Hop): Ashley Sanchez & Lex Ishimoto - "Lovely" (Contemporary): 1 (Moved On) Anna Linstruth & Marko Germar - "Backwards" (Jazz): 1 (Moved On) Madison Jordan & Kiki Nyemchek - "Bola Rebola" (Cha-Cha): Sofia Ghavami & Marko Germar - "Rinse & Repeat" (Jazz): Sumi Oshima & Lex Ishimoto - "Angels" (Contemporary): 1 (Moved On) Nazz Sidryan & Fik-Shun Stegall - "Overseas" (Hip-Hop): 1 (Moved On) Stephanie Sosa &
  14. What's the point? T*mpo's going to rob more deserving routines again. :x
  15. Me at 11:00pm Eastern Daylight Time: Well I can't make this list entirely trash, I should put some easy saves for people so they don't feel guilty. Bailey for Wally, Tate for Diana... Me at 11:48pm Eastern Daylight Time: I mean you only chose one dancer I actively shade/dislike, so you're ahead of Rei and Wally. And Derek since Melanie Moore counts twice.
  16. FUN FACT: We've got over twenty men but just eight women so far.
  17. I mean Derek was also terrible. Sophie's only marginally worse because she gets docked from being associated with S16.
  18. We're agreeing from once so I'll refrain my shady comment.
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