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  1. Though I hated Blurred Lines, but we can blame Marko for that.
  2. I want to frame that write-up.
  3. Rei out here doing the Lord’s work.
  4. Well yeah... you were actually alive when it aired.
  5. Honestly I assumed everyone active at IDF was playing considering our cast size.
  6. We should work together next round. Mostly because I only care about like five shows in this.
  7. PRISCILLA PRESLEY Priscilla Presley is a $cientologist, so that seems like reason enough to cut her. In real life, she is most well known as the widow to Elvis Presley and mother of Lisa Marie. She turned Graceland into one of the most successful tourist spots in the entire United States, so kudos to her. On Dancing With the Stars, she was one of the celebrities cast to appear as if there were dancers other than Kristi Yamaguchi. She was partnered with Louis Van Amstel, and the two of them made it all the way to eighth place. She never scored above a 26, which is pretty good considerin
  8. Are you surprised Sola nominated a Zendaya show? :ermm:
  9. save Tia Cut Kristin Scratch that, IDF loaded me to the initial set of nominations before I realized other posts had been made. Save Charo Cut Priscilla
  10. HOUSE HUNTERS House Hunters is a fine guilty pleasure / background noise show, but it's not exactly high art. House Hunters focuses on a couple that is weirdly wealthy "searching" for their dream home. Obviously it's 100% staged and the couple's already closed on the house before production's even started on their episode, but hey... at least we can watch people have legit meltdowns because one of the homes is two inches further from the ocean than they'd like. (I mean with climate change, it won't stay that way much longer anymore.) Anyway, like I said, it's fun to watch when you're d
  11. Save Faking It Cut House Hunters
  12. Amy Yakima Ashlé Dawson Ashley Galvan Jaimie Goodwin Jenna Johnson Karen Hauer Kupono Aweau Lacey Schwimmer Lauren Froderman Lauren Gottlieb Natalie Fotopoulos Noelle Marsh :sorcerer: Just a reminder that any posts made after 1AM Eastern (so eleven hours from now) will not stick around.
  13. I’ve been in a car all day and about to go to bed, but let it be known this is temporarily a Titans stan account
  14. Oh, I thought the post meant nothing from now until Monday would be saved.
  15. Should we wait until Monday since any posts we make this weekend will be erased?
  16. Should we wait until Monday since any posts we make this weekend will be erased?
  17. They were contemporary routines, Wally. I’m sure Max and/or Jason would’ve been perfectly fine in them. Also @Amanda, Andrew and I are driving back to Kingston tomorrow and it’s a ten hour drive, so I won’t get my nominations up until Sunday if this round isn’t done by the time I go to bed.
  18. Caitlin and Kupono should’ve gone that week, pairing Jason & Ashley tbh.
  19. I love how you can pinpoint the exact moment she remembered she was on camera / had to be an impartial co-host. Oops, if I remembered this, I would've saved him for this fact alone.
  20. JESSICA KING Honestly, the only thing I remember about Jessica King is that she withdrew due to an injury so the far superior Comfort Fedoke could come back into the competition and deliver two of the best routines of S4 with Forever and Party People. Don't @ me. Off to my friend Wikipedia for details to use in this write-up. She was with William Wingfield (whomst?) for her entire run. Together, they did a tango that landed them in the bottom three, a hip-hop to Nicole Sch*rzinger that should've landed them in the bottom three for song choice alone, a disco that I have no recollection
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