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  1. I forgot that was a thing. Mine hasn’t been updated since 2012.
  2. My phone just shows blank space. Maybe it’s just my internet.
  3. The music notes in our sidebars are just question marks for me.
  4. A lot of the IDF images are starting to not load for me. Wonder if that means we're getting close.
  5. Probably zero because you just make private threads that only you and Denise can see instead. :)
  6. This is a fitting name for a team with Diana and Sola. Love you both. :*
  7. These should be the groups, I believe.
  8. We need a "Pre-Taped Continuity Errors in SYTYCD" Rankdown next. My winner pick will be Tanisha's chair changing colours mid-jump in the Bang Bang group number.
  9. I wonder if their first dance will also be inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. :detective:
  10. - Me after you cut Jessica Richens.
  11. To be fair, I don’t find it a bad routine. I just thought it was super boring.
  12. Since this post will be deleted, I’m just using it to say that The Chairman Waltz is one of the most overrated routines across the series as a whole. :*
  13. Is there an episode of The Voice on tomorrow night for Fifi to find out for us?
  14. I assume we’re waiting until after the reboot?
  15. I love Ashley and she made my Top 60 for quite a few years.
  16. You mean Mischa? Well maybe if Mariah didn’t have immunity.
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