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  1. You left out Heidi and Lacey.
  2. I stan a self-aware king Katie Gallagher walked so Courtney Yates could run <3
  3. Amanda, I'm gonna need a substitute while I go to the optometrist after the previous two posts caused me to go blind.
  4. Being less terrible than Casey doesn't negate Brooklyn still being terrible in Hustle Hard.
  5. You should be fine. Taylor Swift wasn’t in any TV shows.
  6. I’m here of us eliminating a third of the shows in the first round.
  7. You’re missing a decimal point in that 100.
  8. My eyes are bleeding. Melissa > Brian (because of the Celine connection) > Kalan > Theo > Ryan > Eva
  9. Is CGF aware she was 17 when she won?
  10. I mean she’s better than Craig but... #lowstandards
  11. He’s jealous of the health care.
  12. You mean the worst winner of Canadian Idol?
  13. Real talk, her coronation single still slaps. And she was pretty much the only good winner of that show anyway.
  14. Chris, go make your DWTS cut/save. :*
  15. That just sounds like more of a reason to eliminate it.
  16. Nope. It derived from a sketch on a Canadian show, but it was produced by Comedy Central US and, as far as I know, didn’t air in Canada.
  17. I will too depending on whether season one champion and all stars underdog Kelly Monaco is still on it.
  18. ew 13 Reasons Why is in this? :x
  19. Add Hot in Cleveland. Wally’s one good opinion for this game. <3 No, but he is your daddy. No, but he is your daddy.
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