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  1. Team Mya fighting over who’s cutting Donny this rankdown.
  2. Symone doing an IG live while watching the impeachment trial and chugging a bottle of Rosé straight out of the bottle shhdjdkdkaka I stan
  3. KURT WARNER (Fun fact: I thought his last name was Wagner, so I googled Kurt Wagner and had no luck finding any DWTS-related stuff so that's partly why this write-up took so long.) I'm sorry, he made it to fifth? FIFTH? As in two weeks before the finale????? I remember watching that season, and have no recollection of this man. Then again, when you have Brandy Norwood slaying the game every week, Br*stol Pal*n whining about how the judges are mean to her every week, and Jennifer Grey being overpraised because she's with D*rek, I can't say I'm surprised this on
  4. Whoops, just got home so I’m gonna do this now.
  5. On the subject of Frankie Grande, it’s been nearly three years but I’m still horrified at Drag Race having an entire segment dedicated to his bulge.
  6. Cut Kurt Save Betsey I’ll get my write-up turned in during my lunch break.
  7. I’m sure by the time December rolls around and I’ve watched seven - potentially eight - new seasons this year alone, I’ll be exhausted.
  8. Well now I’m off to watch Shea’s verse on repeat for the next hour as if I don’t do that already
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ9NUR_Lp59/?igshid=18fbkra801wp3
  10. He’s gay. I don’t know what you expected.
  11. And not cut Aaron Samuels while you were at it!
  12. I don’t know why I instantly went to this instead of Everlasting Love but I said what I said.
  13. I will also auto-sign up for every round. Except for DR Thailand since I still haven’t seen it because someone never sent me links.
  14. Wow is it time for me to fill this thread with Morgan McMichaels stanning whilst blaring Two of Hearts?
  15. I can’t believe you found this photo of me watching Symone in the lip sync.
  16. https://canadasdragrace2.castingcrane.com/ Gonna apply with the drag name “Elliott With Two Ts dot CA”
  17. The last thing I need to do is argue with @Alex95 over yet another reality show.
  18. I don’t care either way, I just wanted to make that outdated joke. l
  19. Me as a Sasha stan vs me as a Shea stan trying to decide if I advance or cut So Emotional.
  20. Penner’s wife Stacey died yesterday.
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