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  1. 01. Bimini Bon Boulash - Queen of remaining cool, calm and collective. WWBBBD is my new life mantra.

    02. Tayce - Queen of giving us the best lip syncing mug.

    03. Ellie Diamond - She’s always been an underdog fave of mine, but I loved the shadiness of her order and that she finally popped off to the other girls. Also lowkey had my second favourite set of the night so I don’t think she should’ve been in the B2.

    A’Whora - Double save tbh. I really enjoyed what she brought to the season. Just thinking of how if she won the Episode 4 challenge over Lawrence and wasn’t in the B3 for snatch game like she shouldn’t have been, her track record coming into her elimination would’ve been insane.
    04. Lawrence - Doubt he’s winning after that last episode, and I’m at peace with that.

  2. 19 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

    It was not a hostile takeover like the Gif Implies.

    She was all "Dee, I am taking over the Discography Rankdown game so send me sh*t" and Dee was all "omg why are you so obsessed with me?"

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  3. 2 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

    Since when did I cut Jessie J? That sounds like something @NGM or James would do, lol. 

    In the music rankdown. I think you were the last one to make your cut/save and it was her vs someone you apparently like more than her. 😢


    I didn't save her because I was too busy saving the rock acts. :broken:


    But then I crashed the page by embedding all of her songs on YouTube because old!IDF couldn't handle that much media :wub:

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