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  1. Remy Vetter (NL5, Top 10)

    Remy is hot and part of one of my favourite NL seasons but he’s one of the few people on that list that I’m fairly certain others don’t have a strong attachment to.


    Remy was a hip-hop dancer that made the Top 10. He started the season partnered with jazz dancer Davinia. Together they danced a hip-hop (Top 18), Samba (Top 16), Modern (Top 14) and a quickstep (Top 12). They were a good partnership and I liked their routines together, especially their modern and hip-hop. 

    At the Top 10, he was partnered with Vivian and the two of them danced a Modern to Ellie Goulding’s “Your Song”. I liked this routine and was shocked when he was in the bottom and going home but I definitely think Vivian outdanced him because it was her style.


    Anyway, Remy has only gotten hotter since the show because he’s grown out his hair but he’s also a heterosexual and posts a lot of pictures with his wife.

  2. Rebecca Glasscock

    Rebecca came in 3rd during Drag Race’s first season. I’ve never really been a fan of hers so I’m taking the opportunity to cut her here before someone saves her. I’m still not sure how she outlasted other queens that season like Ongina and Shannel but I’d rather she not outlast them in this Rankdown. 

    Rebecca was in the bottom two twice that season, beating Jade and Shannel in lipsyncs. She also won the makeover challenge during the season. She would not have been my pick to win that challenge however.


    Since the show, she’s stopped doing Drag and, instead is competing in other pageants, like Mr. Stonewall, which he won in 2021. He seems happy and is cute out of drag so good for him.


    Save: Jessica Wild

  3. Hettie Leroy (NL3)

    Hettie is a modern dancer that was on Netherlands 3rd season and placed on the Top 8. I honestly didn’t want to cut her and deliberately left her off my nominations list, but of this group she is the one I have the least attachment too. She started the season as Floris’ partner and together they danced a series of great routines including a Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop and Waltz. Together, they provided their diversity and were one of the best couples the show has had. Once they separated, Hettie danced a hip-hop with Lorenzo at the Top 10 and a Modern with Eldrick at the Top 8. I liked both routines and remembered being quite shocked when she was eliminated at the Top 8. I know Megan likes her so I feel bad cutting her but Rei’s nominations left me with very few options.


    Save: Twitch

  4. Vivienne Pinay (Season 5)

    Vivienne and Honey Mahogany were the victims of the shows first double elimination. They were the bottom two for the Ballet challenge on Season 5 and we’re both told to Sashay Away after turning out a disrespectful lipsync to Britney’s “Oops… I Did It Again”. I don’t think any of us disagree with Ru’s decision to eliminate both of them at 10th/11th and since they both had the same track record up to that point (safe all three of the previous weeks) that  made it hard to choose one of them to save here, but I chose Honey because of her political career and because The Vivienne is no longer doing drag. According to Wikipedia, Vivienne is now a wigstylist and owns a wig business called FairyTale Wigs, which mostly focuses on wigs for cosplayers, specialising in Disney Princess Wigs so, good her.


    Save: Honey Mahogany 

  5. I wasn’t excited for this cast until they posted the meet the queens videos and now I’m STOKED. My preseason ranking:

    1. Jujubee

    2. Lemon

    3. Mo Heart

    4. Jimbo

    5. Cheryl Hole

    6. Blu Hydrangea

    7. Janey Jacké

    8. Pangina Heals

    9. Baga Chipz


    Pangina is only low because I know nothing about Drag Race Thailand or her but she looks stunning so she could win me over very quickly.

  6. There are six spots remaining in the top 20 with only our wildcards left to choose from. For this final round, we will each vote against one performance. The performance we would not like to see join the top 20. Whichever performance has the most votes is out.


    Stephany Negrete "Mamma Knows Best" - 4 (Nico, JORDAN_FAN, Sola Diana )

    La'Porsha Renae "Proud Mary" - 

    Avalon Young "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" - 

    MacKenzie Bourg "Roses" - 1 (Crisis)

    La'Porsha Renae "Halo" - 6 (Alex, Elliott, Akshar, Zoey, Steven, Andrew)

    La'Porsha Renae "Ready For Love" - 

    Trent Harmon "Simple Man" - 


    You cannot change your vote once you cast your vote. The round will end when either everyone has voted, 48 hours is up, or it's mathematically impossible to catch the performance in the lead. Whatever comes first.

  7. Stacy Layne Matthews


    I think we all know Stacy is from Season 3 of the American show. She was well know for being the first Native American queen on the show and for being from a place called Backswamp, NC. She placed 8th that season and also holds the record for lowest placement by a Snatch Game winner after she won the week prior to being eliminated for her portrayal of Mo’Nique. 

    Stacy had a lot of potential, so she is someone I’d always hoped to see on an all stars season but I know she has a lot going on in her personal life that makes it hard for her. However, we did get to see her during All Stars 4 which was a pleasant surprise. 


    Save: Vanjie

  8. Natalli Reznik (Canada 1, 4th Place)

    Canada’s first season is phenomenal but Natalli was, by far, my least favourite member of that Top 4. Did she have some phenomenal ballroom routines that season? Absolutely, but I struggle to remember most of her other routines out of her style. 

    She started the season with contemporary dancer Kevin. They danced a hip-hop routine and we’re in the Bottom 6. Natalli was saved, Kevin was not and after that, Natalli was with fellow ballroom dancer Francis which seemed to buoy both of them in the votes, especially when they danced ballroom. Together they danced a Paso Doble, Rumba, Broadway and Salsa. Their three ballroom routines together were great, but Francis was eliminated after the Salsa at the Top 12, while Natalli made the Top 10. 

    After that, she danced a hip-hop with Izaak, a Krump and Contemporary with Vincent, a Disco and Quickstep with Nico. I loved her Disco and Quickstep with Nico, so I see why she made the finale after them, but the others not so much. I preferred Lisa, Arrasay and Allie to her so seeing her in the finale instead of them was rough.


    In the finale, she danced a Salsa with Nico, a Hip-hop with Miles and a Go-go routine with Allie and placed fourth which, made sense, since the other three were so strong. I know some people might not like this cut, but of this list, I think she was one of the weakest.


    save: Melanie Moore

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