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  1. Kat is so photogenic in these team pictures.
  2. Another great Team Blake picture. :flowers: They're all so good looking :icecream:
  3. Danielle attended the NASCAR Championship Gala Thursday night (12/5/19) in Nashville. She looked stunning! https://www.instagram.com/p/B5wMPD1Bhau/
  4. I hope Kat has great songs for Monday. She's been a bit quiet this weekend but here's her message after Tuesday's show -- https://www.instagram.com/p/B5orz0xjUO6/ PS I love her white dress last Monday. Looking forward to Kat's performances and outfits. :sorcerer:
  5. "Big" could mean iconic. Still hoping for a blues classic. :sorcerer:
  6. That's one thing Jake got going for him - good enunciation. BTW do you want to be added to his fan list? :flowers:
  7. I really hope Ricky plays the guitar again next week. I know he can play the piano, but he's an excellent guitar player. Either way, his voice would be strongest asset. :sorcerer:
  8. Awesome "A Broken Wing" cover by Danielle. On the original thread, we had this video of very young Danielle singing the same song with that awesome high note. rrTq4qc8gdg
  9. ^ the YT video :flowers: Danielle Bradbery Performs Cover Of Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing" [on the Bobby Bones Show] Ey0zAJWknio The first 3 minutes of the video is an interview with Bobby Bones. The song starts around 3:25
  10. It could be an emotional and he might play the piano. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5v1qCvn98V/
  11. I really would like for Kat to go back to the piano. I think that's where she excels and her voice soars in those intimate performances. EDIT: Ricky posted a picture playing the piano. If he's playing the piano, that reduces the chances of Kat playing the piano (one of her strengths).
  12. I hope so. They gave Aliyah the pimp spot during S12 blood bath with a gospel song.
  13. ^ LOL we posted the same thing almost the same time (I posted on MB thread). One of her songs could be upbeat - maybe the duet?
  14. Because she's memorable. But yea, she has yet to perform in the 2nd hour. She performed 6/13, 2/12, and 3/11 as TA mentioned above.
  15. My first thought is she will have at least one upbeat song. Although Stompa is not that bad, Jacquie Lee performed it for her KO in Season 5 and it was a hit. :sorcerer:
  16. What a gorgeous picture of Marybeth. <3 https://twitter.com/marybeth_music/status/1...133017297784832
  17. I'm glad you liked some of my song suggestions. :flowers: Yes, I suggested them on the app almost every week. I am hoping the duets would be as follows though: :sorcerer: Katie and Marybeth Jake and Kat* Ricky and Will Rose and Hello Sunday *Ever since Kat posted a picture with Jake weeks ago, I'm hoping for their duet :D
  18. Holly Tucker is a Team Blake member on Season 4 of The Voice -- a great vocalist but underrated and disliked on IDF because she outlasted many favorites on other teams, notably Team Adam's top singers who were IDF favorites. They have her perform in the 2nd or 3rd slot every week to try to get rid of her. She finally went home in the Top 6 quarter-finals. There is always one Team Blake member whom the show seemed to like to stick in the #2 or #3 performance slot every week of the season -- thus getting the Holly Tucker treatment. This season, that Team Blake member is Kat Hammock.
  19. I agree about Jake as the best duet partner for Kat for strategy and a good blend of voices. I suggested a duet song for them on the song suggestion thread. Ricky would be good too with the right songs. Kyla and Spensha, both Team Blake, had a duet in S14, so I don't think they're restricted to duet with only contestants from other teams. Will or Marybeth would be okay -- their styles and voices would be compatible though it may not help much in the vote department. Hello Sunday is not ideal but it could work with the right songs, technically a trio. I agree that worst duets would be Rose or Katie -- it won't help Kat or the duet partner because the stark contrast in style would not be enjoyable to fans of both contestants and the rest of the audience.
  20. I hope Kat gets a couple of great songs and a good performance slot on Monday. With the duet and her solo, maybe she'll perform in the 2nd hour. :sorcerer: She's been getting the Holly Tucker treatment in the past couple of weeks, with early performance slots (2nd, 3rd). :ermm: She performed 6th in the Top 13, still in the first half of the show.
  21. Really? Hopefully Ricky would get the PV next week :flowers: As to songs, I think sticking to blues or bluesy rock could work for him next week. I suggested a few songs on the app, but I'm not sure if they really look at them -- Georgia on My Mind Human Simple Man The Thrill Is Gone
  22. I think 3 Idol winners (Fantasia, Scotty and Caleb) and although Pickler, Daughtry and Bucky didn't win Idol S5, they still have relatively successful post-show careers. Britton's hometown is not far from us (less than an hour). :D
  23. Nice! :w00t: Congrats to Danielle and #teamDanielle for good streaming numbers. What's impressive is for Danielle to have listeners from 79 different countries! PS She really needs to release a Christmas single/EP/album for more streams during the Christmas season. :D
  24. I'm in NC and this state used to support the Idol contestants a lot - Scotty McCreery (Idol S10 Winner), Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry, Bucky Covington, Caleb Johnson (Idol S13 winner) among others - not only with votes but with local media coverage. The local support for Britton was also big -- every local media outlets have stories/reports about him almost daily. However, I didn't hear much about Jake. He must be in the northern part of the state and their local media do not reach our area (Raleigh and suburbs) EDIT: Fantasia (Idol S3 winner) is also from NC.
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