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  1. That was good. I also like Ricky's cover. I was hoping he performed this in the past weeks.
  2. She said "group songs". Maybe she'll be singing more than one song in the Finale. :sorcerer:
  3. My Top 10 1. Danielle Bradbery [s4] 2. Kat Hammock [s17] 3. Reagan Strange [s15] 4. Ricky Duran [s17] 5. Cassadee Pope [s3] 6. Addison Agen [s13] 7. Aliyah Moulden [s12] 8. Corey Kent White [s8] 9. Matthew Schuler [s5] 10. The Swon Brothers [s4]
  4. FWIW there are 3 FB metrics, 3 YT metrics, and 2 Twitter metrics. All that plus IG accounts for 9 out of 14 metrics.
  5. Here's their SM aggregates score (from 14 different SM metrics): Ricky = 16 [12 Top 3 scores, 2 middle 3 score] Jake = 19 [10 Top 3 scores, 3 middle 3 scores, 1 bottom 2 score] Katie = 19 [9 Top 3 scores, 5 middle 3 scores] Rose = 21 [9 Top 3 scores, 3 middle 3 scores, 2 bottom 2 scores] I gave the contestant 1 point if in the Top 3 of a particular social media factor, 2 points for middle 3, and 3 points for bottom 2. Notice that both Katie and Rose appeared in the Top 3 9 times, but Rose was in bottom 2 2x (IG and FB views) that's why she's slightly behind Katie in scores. Katie has at least 2x the IG and FB followers of the other finalists (except Katie and Hoot has about the same FB). That could skew her SM "dominance" but during the semifinals, she trailed Ricky and Jake in the number of times in the Top 3. If she has a sub-par or polarizing performance and Rose gives the best performances in favorable performance slots, Rose may have a chance to get the casual votes and finish at least 3rd.
  6. https://twitter.com/KatHammock7/status/1204812154802589697 I'm staying tuned and interested to know what Blake meant by his statements to Kat on national TV. I hope we don't have to wait too long for Kat's new music. :sorcerer:
  7. LOL at Ken finally getting one guess right. Suprised at the last elimination tonight. I thought it would make the finale.
  8. A sweet message from Marybeth <3 https://twitter.com/marybeth_music/status/1...830081140445185
  9. I hope Ricky gets a good celebrity duet but most importantly, I hope he gets great songs for Monday. I think one of their competition songs is an original. I wonder if he'll sing one of his originals? "Tattoo Tears" is good but he already released that. Maybe he has other songs already written but unreleased.
  10. https://twitter.com/NBCTheVoice/status/1204589041502441472 https://twitter.com/IamRickyDuran/status/1204677492499349509
  11. https://twitter.com/NBCTheVoice/status/1204586431454121984 https://twitter.com/jakehootmusic/status/1204604815143137280
  12. 1. Ricky 2. Jake 3. Rose 4. Katie
  13. ^ We have the same Top 3 :) 1. Vienna [Audition] 2. Somewhere Only WeKnow [semi-Finals] 3. You’ve Got A Friend [instant Save] - I suggested this song every week on the app. I wish she sang this on the show so we have a studio version. 4. I'll Fly Away [Top 11] 5. You're Still The One [Top 10] 6. Take Me Home, Country Roads [battles with Josie Jones] 7. God Only Knows [Playoffs] 8. Danny Boy [Top 13] 9. Kiss Me [Knockout] 10. We Belong [semi-Finals with Hello Sunday]
  14. Katie - Like A Virgin by Madonna Jake - Boys Round Here by Blake Shelton Ricky - When I See You Smile by Bad English Rose - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen :whistling:
  15. Semi-Finals Instant Save: "You've Got A Friend" aOv8DluYHzw I love this performance. <3 Kat has been improving a lot week after week. I think this is the best outcome for Kat. She had two great performances this week, and this is a good week to end her journey on The Voice. Although I wish she made the Finale because I want to see/hear more performances from her, I think it would be worse for her to make the Finale and get tons of hate and accused of robbing the place of more experienced and big voiced singers. Finishing 5th is a great accomplishment for a soft-voiced singer with subtle style, in a competition where big voices and over the top performances are deemed superior. I am proud of Kat and her amazing growth and beautiful performances this season. :flowers:
  16. If I remember right, Blake always gives guitar to all his T12/T13 team members every season. Last season, all 6 of them got guitars. I assume Ricky and Kat got one too. It would be odd if only Cali got a guitar this season.
  17. What a sweet message from Kat I hope she gets to perform next Tuesday during the Finale (results show). :sorcerer: https://www.instagram.com/p/B56tEIiDWsE/
  18. Maybe when Carson said "in no particular order" he actually meant "in reverse order". :teehee:
  19. I dunno if I have a certain type/style as favorite. But many of my favorites are unpopular on IDF. Here's a list of my top 3 (at most) per season. S1: Dia Frampton S2: Jermaine Paul S3: Cassadee Pope / Terry McDermott S4: Danielle Bradbery / The Swon Brothers / Holly Tucker (post-show) S5: Matthew Schuler / Jacquie Lee S6: Jake Worthington / Sisaundra Lewis S7: Craig Wayne Boyd / Taylor Brashears / Bryana Salaz S8: Corey Kent White / Sawyer Fredricks --- S12: Aliyah Moulden S13: Addison Agen S14: Britton Buchanan / Jackie Verna / Spensha Baker S15: Reagan Strange / Chevel Shepherd S16: Karly Moreno / Gyth Rigdon S17: Kat Hammock / Ricky Duran / Marybeth Byrd
  20. IKR? It'd be interesting to see how the stats stack up against next week's results.
  21. I'm the only one who makes this prediction probably -- Winner: Ricky Runner-up: Jake 3rd Place: Rose
  22. Okay I should hide now. I stanned her in S12 and I forgot to list her. :">
  23. Predictable season is predictable. T3 -- Top answer - Katie, Ricky, Jake - is correct. B2 -- Top answer - Will and Marybeth - is correct.
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