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  1. Ricky's original song is the best original song tonight. I love the song and his performance. <3
  2. Ricky finishes early and Rose will probably close the show.
  3. Hoot: I’m better off without you. Katie: Without you, I’m all better. Same writers? :lol:
  4. Two great fun performances from Ricky so far. Looking forward to his original song. :sorcerer:
  5. :D I love that performance. Ricky sounded great and I think that's one of the best Blake duets in the Finale, and he had tons of them.
  6. I think they messed with Jake’s microphone. He sounded like he was underwater. Can barely hear his vocals. :ph34r:
  7. Here are Jake's songs for tonight. He's already charting on iTunes (albeit outside Top 200 still) even before the show. :D https://music.apple.com/us/album/wintersong...ngle/1491663268 https://music.apple.com/us/album/amazed-the...ngle/1491678473 https://music.apple.com/us/album/better-off...ngle/1491668112
  8. ^ Thanks for posting the iTunes links :flowers: I love Ricky's previews. I hope he nails the performances tonight and just let loose on the stage. :sorcerer:
  9. Nah, it's always been Ricky for Team Blake's #1. Blake always mentioned that Ricky is his only 4 chair turn, and he's been Blake's bet since he picked Blake unexpectedly. Kat is Blake's sentimental favorite and the only one with a Team Balke waders. The casuals would have loved Kat if she was given great songs, play the piano at least once (her pre-lives on the piano were great) and performed in a favorable slot. In the past, Blake could have helped both go to the Finale (songs, performance slots), but I suspect since he had 3 finalists last season, they don't want more than 1 TB finalist this season. (Maybe it's also Blake's plan to minimize vote splitting.) So Kat had to be "weakened" through songs and performance slots (and no more piano) to make sure she does not reach the finale. I hope Blake follows through with his promise to help Kat post-show. :sorcerer: EDIT: Blake's speech to Kat after her instant save performance somewhat confirmed that Blake does not want Kat in the finale. He gave her the goodbye speech on Monday, and a similar speech after instant save, and Blake didn't ask people to save Kat.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6EvhV6j9AX/ Kat will be performing in a group song on Tuesday. :w00t: About this picture, I find it funny that Kat kinda blends into the chair. She has a matching sweater. :lol:
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6EpSt2Dx-9/ Marybeth is performing on Tuesday, a group song. :D Incidentally, Kat posted almost identical message on IG. Maybe they're rehearsing together?
  12. 4th could be a group song with other contestants. They don't rehearse much the celebrity duet, usually just a bit of rehearsal on Tuesday (or the day of taping if taped ahead).
  13. Ricky said he's preparing FOUR songs! :w00t: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6CduQ3H-7h/ I hope they're great songs. :sorcerer:
  14. Thanks for posting. Nice find. :flowers: GoanfhHvJjo It's a catchy song. Her featured part starts at around 2:40, and she belted out a high note at around 3:25. <3 Adding Danielle's vocals is a huge improvement to the song. The was released in October.
  15. I added the links to Kat's Spotify page on the OP as well as her two originals. :flowers: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4qPXgnm2Hpp1QBkXFMyeNn ANYONE AT ALL qR0K_ZHktx4 LEGACY blsUPYQ3gec
  16. That was good. I also like Ricky's cover. I was hoping he performed this in the past weeks.
  17. She said "group songs". Maybe she'll be singing more than one song in the Finale. :sorcerer:
  18. My Top 10 1. Danielle Bradbery [s4] 2. Kat Hammock [s17] 3. Reagan Strange [s15] 4. Ricky Duran [s17] 5. Cassadee Pope [s3] 6. Addison Agen [s13] 7. Aliyah Moulden [s12] 8. Corey Kent White [s8] 9. Matthew Schuler [s5] 10. The Swon Brothers [s4]
  19. FWIW there are 3 FB metrics, 3 YT metrics, and 2 Twitter metrics. All that plus IG accounts for 9 out of 14 metrics.
  20. Here's their SM aggregates score (from 14 different SM metrics): Ricky = 16 [12 Top 3 scores, 2 middle 3 score] Jake = 19 [10 Top 3 scores, 3 middle 3 scores, 1 bottom 2 score] Katie = 19 [9 Top 3 scores, 5 middle 3 scores] Rose = 21 [9 Top 3 scores, 3 middle 3 scores, 2 bottom 2 scores] I gave the contestant 1 point if in the Top 3 of a particular social media factor, 2 points for middle 3, and 3 points for bottom 2. Notice that both Katie and Rose appeared in the Top 3 9 times, but Rose was in bottom 2 2x (IG and FB views) that's why she's slightly behind Katie in scores. Katie has at least 2x the IG and FB followers of the other finalists (except Katie and Hoot has about the same FB). That could skew her SM "dominance" but during the semifinals, she trailed Ricky and Jake in the number of times in the Top 3. If she has a sub-par or polarizing performance and Rose gives the best performances in favorable performance slots, Rose may have a chance to get the casual votes and finish at least 3rd.
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