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  1. So what can we call S18 the Mystery Season?
  2. Nice article about Danielle from "The Boot" country site. https://theboot.com/danielle-bradbery-country-ambassador-other-genres/ Danielle Bradbery Loves ‘Being a Representation of Country’ for Other Genres
  3. Thanks y'all for the Pryor and Kaleb info. I didn't pay much attention to S14 that's why I forgot about their battle and duet.
  4. Nice! I hope their coaches would help promote them when their music is out. Were they on the same season?
  5. Thanks for posting all the new shows. Love the guitar solo. He's so good.
  6. New coach this season with Blake as runner-up. Then probably Kelly again next season. Blake will get his 7th trophy in the final season of The Voice (probably S20).
  7. Thanks for posting this short clip. Looking forward to more new songs from Danielle, including some that will make the album. Didn't she sing MWAL, RFT and SOW a lot before IDBWM was released? Singing a (new-ish) song often does not necessarily mean it will likely be included in the new album. It would be great if this is one the album songs. We don't know what other songs she already wrote or will write (or songs she picks from other writers) that could make the cut of album 3 (and other future album hopefully). But I will surely enjoy every song that Danielle sings, whether album material or not.
  8. We were almost sure years ago that many early songs (RFT, MWAL, SOW among others) would make album #2, but they didn't I will be excited to hear new songs from Danielle but I won't be assuming they'll make album #3.
  9. Ricky's Sam Cooke cover - Bring It On Home To Me. Enjoy! https://www.instagram.com/p/B7rV-VGHuJf/
  10. "Mad World" cover by Kat https://www.instagram.com/p/B7mdR74jaox/
  11. Anyone remembers this relatively new song from Danielle? It's unrecorded, I know, but she introduced this song mid 2019. I like it, it's definitely a different mood from the songs in IDBWM. https://youtu.be/pVCIRokzHww?t=72 Looking forward to more new songs from Danielle. She's been quiet so hopefully been busy writing.
  12. Please keep discussions in Danielle's fan thread to Danielle. Post or talk about other singers on the general discussion thread, or their particular show thread. Thanks.
  13. Last season, I had too many favorites and made way too many fan threads. This season, I like two, maybe four, so far. Should I make the fan threads already?
  14. Am I the only one who misses the emoticons from the old forum? Especially these guys:
  15. Late posting, but I really like the way they all sound on this :)
  16. The site is finally upgraded. Like all upgrades, there are lots of work to be done after. The main difference is in the way videos are embedded. No tags are needed on this new site -- just post the video link and it will be embedded automatically. Anyway, the tagged embedded videos are no longer displaying properly so I would have to go back and fix all my posts with video, including the OP. I will slowly fix the embedded videos and hopefully finish the task before the year ends LOL. In the meantime, feel free to share new and old videos of Danielle -- it is easier now with just the YT link.
  17. I wonder if they will bring back the cross battles? :ph34r:
  18. Flashback Friday: Images of Danielle's performances on The Voice in Season 4 :sorcerer: This collage was posted on the original fan thread. I don't know who made this collage but it was posted on Twitter back then and someone shared it on Danielle's fan thread. Danielle had 20 performances (both competition and non-competition) during her season. :flowers:
  19. Sometime after Nov 6, 2019, idolforums crashed due to server issues. When it came back, all the existing threads at the time of the crash are no longer accessible. The threads are there but the pages are gone. Adding new comments to those threads cause all old pages and comments to disappear. istersay locked the active threads to prevent wiping out the data in those threads in case they're able to recover and restore the threads with all comments. I remade Danielle's fan thread (and many others) based on archived data (as well as some info I saved on my laptop before). Here is the last known stats of the original Danielle fan thread: Unfortunately, they were not able to restore the old threads so they removed them to clean up this site before the upgrade (which should take place soon). I saved a few pages back in 2015 and if I find some media or notable info on those save pages, I will post them here, to restore some "history" of Danielle's The Voice journey as well as her early post Voice career. I tried to archive all 1275 pages (at that time) but I didn't have storage space on my laptop, and the time to save the pages. If there are videos, images, info you would like to add to this fan thread, that would be great. :flowers:
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