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  1. Cedrice Fan Thread Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud | Spotify Fans: 1. season1 2. istersay 3. Dalton Eduardo 4. FloorWax 5. MatthewPalermo 6. Starman1 7. jamescasaki 8. QueenMae16 Original Music Covers ----- [H/T Dany for Trivia images]
  2. Mr S1 said "isn't that song on the quarantine playlist?"
  3. yeah that sucks that she gets eliminated next round. I love her tone, I wish she made it farther than battles.
  4. LOL. Good point about the swaybots, they won't be missed. I don't remember exactly when the Top 17 is scheduled but if it's in mid-May, I think it will be okay. It seems many of the precautionary re-scheduling/suspension/cancellation/restrictions are anywhere from 2 weeks (schools here are closed for 2 weeks) to a month.
  5. My condolences to Todd and his family.
  6. Live shows is still several weeks away. I'm hopeful that the "fog of war" will be over by then and the situation and reactions would improve considerably. When you see Charmin back on the shelves and stays in stock in a few weeks, you know the madness has passed.
  7. Add me please. I don't have many favorites this season and he's one of the few.
  8. Thanks. Looking at discussions on this thread, at least 2 on that list made it to playoffs (Mandi and Micah)? By the time I find a favorite, the season is almost over.
  9. One audition episode left and I still don't have a favorite. Who else are left to audition?
  10. Danielle has a show tomorrow (Saturday, 3/7/20) in Tampa, FL. I hope we get videos of her new songs.
  11. I added this link on the OP, for the "Next From Nashville Show" -- TICKETS
  12. Kat is one of the soloists for an upcoming concert in Carnegie Hall (NY) on 3/29/20. https://www.dciny.org/concerts/total-vocal-with-deke-sharon/
  13. ^ Thanks for the heads up. Here's the announcement on Twitter -
  14. I guess this is the season of the Todds and Mandis? It can get confusing if they all make the voting rounds.
  15. Thanks for sharing this article. I love the picture with Danielle in front, along with FGL, Lady A and Big Machine boss. Excited for new music from Danielle.
  16. Thanks for posting the video. She sounds great. Good to hear about her upcoming UK shows. I added them to the OP. I hope she has more summer shows in the US.
  17. It's still early so I wouldn't call it the worst coaching panel yet. I can think of a season or two that beats this season in the "worst panel" category. But coaching panel aside, if the talent pool is superior, most people would kinda forget about how forced the panel interactions are. The problem I have with this season is, the talent pool is mid-pack at best, compared to other seasons.
  18. Terry McDermott (The Voice Season 3 Runner-up). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENfBWFzRQu0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Vo28XWAsQ
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