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  1. So we’ll have all male PV? Unless social media is wrong and Allegra gets it.
  2. Nick: PV - Thunderstorm CS - Allegra WC - Michael John: PV - CammWess CS - Mike WC - Zan Kelly: PV - Megan CS - Micah WC - Cedrice Blake: PV - Toneisha CS - Joei WC - Todd
  3. Bumping for those who have not voted/chimed in yet. Or if you want to change your predictions. This is an early prediction poll for the Finale.
  4. I like both equally but they have different level of emotional impact. PBP was very personal to Megan and the audience reactions somewhat added to the emotional impact of the performance. “Anyway” is somewhat intimate and the lack of audience made the emotional focus more inward, as if she’s talking to herself, trying to rationalize to herself the message of the song. Each song worked in their settings.
  5. Thunderstorm Artis - "Summertime" 8.5 Allegra Miles - "New York State of Mind" 7.5 Arei Moon - "Finesse" 5 Roderick Chambers - "Lost Without U" 6 Michael Williams - "Sign Of The Times" 7.5 Zan Fiskum - "Blowin' In The Wind" 7 Mike Jerel - "All My Life" 5.5 Mandi Castillo - "¡Corre!" 6 CammWess - "Ain't No Sunshine" 8 Megan Danielle - "Anyone" 9 Mandi Thomas - "I Hope You Dance" 6.5 Micah Iverson - "Your Song" 8.5 Cedrice - "everything i wanted" 7.5 Toneisha Harris - "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" 9 Joei Fulco - "Runaway" 8 Joanna Serenko - "Rich Girl" 7 Todd Tilghman - "Glory of Love" 8.5
  6. He did great. He's probably getting the PV.
  7. Great job by Camm tonight. He had the best performance on John's team.
  8. Cedrice's performance looked like a music video. She sounded great too.
  9. Joei sounded and looked great tonight. She needs our votes to make it to the Top 9.
  10. Megan is the best performance tonight, for me. It was understated yet powerful. You can feel the raw emotions as she's singing. She needs our votes, #teamMegan. Let's get her that PV.
  11. Micah was great tonight. Congratulations.
  12. I'm glad that Michael won the 4-way KO and his performance tonight is one of the best. He might still have a chance to get that PV tonight. Let's vote, y'all
  13. No it does not matter but I am used to doing screenshots for almost everything.
  14. When I checked that link, Joei is barely ahead of Joanna, Todd in 3rd and Tone last.
  15. I guess I’m the only one who likes Joei’s performance. mj got his wish with Todd closing. He will definitely get the PV.
  16. Kelly dancing. more wine? Toneisha should have closed the show with that.
  17. I love Megan’s performance. Mr. S1 Thinks she’s the best tonight. Raw and honest. I’m wondering if my Hulu stream sounds different from others’ video feed or TV.
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