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  1. Levi Watkins Fan Thread Instagram Fans: 1. season1 2. Drew1903 3. jamescasaki ----- [H/T Dany for Trivia images]
  2. Joei Fulco Fan Thread Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube Performances Fans: 1. season1 2. istersay 3. FloorWax 4. Dalton Eduardo 5. Spurrious 6. QueenMae16 7. Dany 8. Drew1903 9. Lux~ 10. Starman1 11. ATX29 12. jamescasaki 13. jayrehl 14. Vinyl 15. disney1024 Originals [video] Covers --- [H/T Dany for Trivia images]
  3. Thanks! I haven't heard about them. Season 3?
  4. Congratulations to the Brenns! They looked so happy together. They're the 2nd couple that I remember from The Voice who got engaged/married. The other couple is from season 4, Colton Swon and Caroline Glaser.
  5. Ugh I missed the livestream. BTW the March 27th show has been moved to June 19.
  6. #LayingLow playlist from Danielle. Enjoy! https://daniellebradbery.lnk.to/LLplaylist?fbclid=IwAR1f4uKhlGWr2r6ppzcY5RncNjxTlXMe3p_U-3ifd2WhnJTdwLZaDKlE2xU
  7. Yes, TPTB use the performance order to tell the contestant and the audience that they want him/her gone.
  8. Hah! Good point. I guess we can add "Layin' Low" to the quarantine playlist. It would be great if Danielle will stream a "concert" from home on YT, maybe acapella, singing her old and new songs.
  9. I wish they're promoting it as a single. I guess I should be grateful to BMLG for continuing to promote Danielle. Laying Low, Potential and Sway are my top 3 favorites from IDBWM and I wish they all made singles.
  10. Added. I like Oliv Blu and her style. Cedrice's voice has a cool tone.
  11. Season 4 is still the best season for me. I love so many artists in the Top 16. EDIT: And Holly Tucker is so underrated. I am in the minority here for saying she deserved to be voted through over Team Adam's power singers.
  12. Added! Welcome Thanks for the video.
  13. Cedrice Fan Thread Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud | Spotify Fans: 1. season1 2. istersay 3. Dalton Eduardo 4. FloorWax 5. MatthewPalermo 6. Starman1 7. jamescasaki 8. QueenMae16 Original Music Covers ----- [H/T Dany for Trivia images]
  14. yeah that sucks that she gets eliminated next round. I love her tone, I wish she made it farther than battles.
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