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  1. iTunes and FB Like Ratio are the only 2 stats that got 100% correct this week.
  2. xfactor22 ranking -- you're slacking 1. Will 2. Kat 3. Rose 4. Ricky 5. Katie 6. Marybeth 7. Jake 8. Hello Sunday
  3. How about Aliyah Moulden in Season 12? They had her perform in early slots from Top 12 to Top 10. Then she closed the Top 8 show and got the PV into the Finale.
  4. Voting requires registering your email, thus a bit more commitment than watching videos and clicking like. --- Right. Like any other forums or blogs, the readers tend to have the same mindset as the writers.
  5. Selenators may have inflated Marybeth's views and likes on FB, IG, Twitter and YT. She was ranked near the top except for FB Like Ratio. The metrics that put Marybeth in Bottom 4 are Google, iTunes, the polls, and FB ratio -- where Selenators may have not bothered with.
  6. Not Hoot, it would be Hello Sunday closing next week.
  7. Joana and Kat rating relative to each other. Joana was ranked higher than Kat and HS on TV Line, with 2x the %age.
  8. She needs a great song next week, and pull an Aliyah :D :sorcerer:
  9. Top 13, she was the first safe on Team Blake.
  10. TV LINE overrated Joana and underrated Kat. Both polls underrated Hello Sunday.
  11. The combined scores predicted 2 out of 3 in the bottom, plus Marybeth from the "maybe" group.
  12. 1. Kat Hammock 2. Ricky Duran 3. Marybeth Byrd 4. Rose Short 5. Jake Hoot 6. Hello Sunday 7. Katie Kadan 8. Will Breman
  13. Congrats to Marybeth and #teamMarybeth for advancing to the semi-finals. :sorcerer: :w00t: I was sad that she was in the B3 but so glad that she won the instant save. Good job, #teamMarybeth.
  14. So happy and relieved that Kat advances to the Top 8. Congrats to Kat and #teamKat! Welcome to the semi-finals!!! :w00t:
  15. John's team is intact in the semis. It's like last year, when the new coach's team (Team Kelly) remained intact in the semis. :whistling:
  16. Congrats to Ricky and #teamRickyD! :sorcerer: Welcome to the semi-finals!!! :w00t:
  17. Kat shared this cute picture and sweet message last night :flowers: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5maCdLDDPV/
  18. A sweet message (and a sweet picture) from Marybeth :flowers: https://twitter.com/marybeth_music/status/1...715353216176128 https://www.instagram.com/p/B5mJkAeDEga/
  19. A cool picture of Ricky. :flowers: His song peaked at #1 on Blues and #13 Overall iTunes. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5oE9funvtp/
  20. Combining all 13 social media metrics from FB, Twitter, IG, YT, Google and iTunes (ranking posted on the previous pages and iTunes thread), I counted the number of times a contestant landed in the Bottom 4 and here are their numbers: Shane - 13 Joana - 10 Hello Sunday - 9 Marybeth - 5 Will - 5 Jake - 4 Ricky - 3 Kat - 2 Rose - 1 Katie - 0 I think Kat is over-represented on social media while Jake and Ricky are under-represented. Based on the numbers above, with minor adjustments, the combined metrics seem to point to the following "predictions" -- Bottom 3: Shane, Joana and Hello Sunday MAY land in the bottom 3: Marybeth, Will or Kat Safe: Katie, Rose, Ricky, Jake
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