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  1. What are the chances that Toneisha is 2nd in votes overall last week, only Todd got more? maybe Todd is bussed so Toneisha would win
  2. Thunderstorm will be closing the show with his cover (Hallelujah?)
  3. Mr S1 didn’t like CammWess’ version of Purple Rain at all. He kept saying “That was horrible!” Mr S1 is a huge Prince fan.
  4. Thunderstorm Perfect [Ed Sheeran] Jealous [Labrinth] Toneisha So Will I (100 Billion X) [Tori Kelly version] Hallelujah Todd Believe [Brooks and Dunn] Humble and Kind [Tim McGraw] Micah Someone You Loved [Lewis Capaldi] Mad World [Tears for Fears] CammWess Everybody Hurts [R.E.M.] Fix You [Coldplay]
  5. Stolen back in the KO by their original coach.
  6. Yup. Same overnight voting for this week and next week.
  7. Added you both. I agree about Megan's tone. And her voice conveys emotions so well. I am sure to miss that voice on the show. I love her take on "Simple Man", I wish she sang it during the Monday show. EDIT: She looked so defeated when Kelly was talking to her.
  8. Welcome back! The old IDF had a major crash in Nov 2019 and we lost the huge DB thread with 32K+ comments, 1600+ pages and almost 3 mil views (and all the other threads at that time). So the site operators decided to upgrade the entire idolforums site. Glad to see you, and that you're still on #teamDanielle so to speak. I also hope that NHIE would help Danielle gain more exposure on different streaming site, and maybe country radio would give it a chance.
  9. I think Micah is leading on the "want" question because he may be the 2nd favorite of some fans of other contestants who went home this week. Also, some members don't particularly like the predictability of Thunder-Todd top 2 so they want Micah to win.
  10. If they had the same Finale format in S17, Rose would get the PV for Team Gwen, and Kat would probably win the instant save against Hello Sunday, Marybeth and Will.
  11. Congratulations to Toneisha. She won the IS and made the finale. Although she probably would have won the PV to the Finale if they haven't changed the Finale format.
  12. Congratulations to Thunderstorm and his fans! He's been Finale bound since his blind audition, and may have possibly won the season from the blinds.
  13. Congratulations to CammWess for advancing to the Finale!
  14. Congratulations to Todd and #teamTodd, for making the Finale.
  15. Congratulations to Micah and #teamMicah for advancing to the Finale!
  16. Megan performed great and I love her song choice. Unfortunately, she sang first and by the time voting was opened, some people already forgot about her emotional performance I will miss her on the show. I hope she continues to pursue her music career and find her musical style. And I hope Kelly follows through on her promise to help Megan.
  17. Cleaned up predictions after top 9 results Winner: Thunderstorm - Team Nick Runner-up: Todd - Team Blake 3rd: Micah - Team Kelly 4th: Toneisha - Team Blake 5th: CammWess - Team John
  18. Not necessarily. Social media last night had Toneisha and Allegra in top 4. Toneisha will probably finish 3rd.
  19. vote for Miguel Daniel (Megan Danielle) for instant save
  20. So I guess the IS performance order will be Megan Allegra Zan Joanna Toneisha and Toneisha will win.
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