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  1. And not even close. I guess he has a big family or a small hometown.
  2. I would expect her The Voice stuff would be there too. I didn't realize that Gyth has a lot of pre-show stuff, thanks for that info.
  3. I started the topic when I saw that article about Winners' Spotify number, and I initially intended to only have winners listed. I know that some of the alumni have good numbers, so when people posted stats for non-winners (see the other posts after OP), I added them. I remembered Morgan Wallen and Raelynn because I heard their songs on my playlist (mostly country). I made a comment about them, and added them to the list. Sorry I overlooked Melanie, no offense intended.
  4. Like the Most - Craig Wayne Boyd (S7) Least - Josh Gallagher (S11)
  5. I tried to watch a couple of performances on AI but they sounded "off" (for lack of a better word). I saw Makayla, Aliana and Faith. They were all mediocre at best, with Makayla sounding a bit better than the other two. Makayla had 3 or 4 background vocals who sounded better than her. Aliana's music is louder than her vocals. I stopped watching midway through Faith's performance because the singing was just not good, and her backup singers didn't help. I hope The Voice has better performances that the ones I saw from AI.
  6. I am surprised that Maelyn is lagging in listeners vs Runner UP Gyth or even vs recent winner Jake. Good for Chevel for increasing her numbers nicely. She should be in the Top 5 among winners in the next big update (by end of the month).
  7. From the OP -- There are hundreds of non-winners so y'all can help add info to the OP by posting about them in a comment. No worries, she'll be on the list now, thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks! I didn't see your post sooner. I'll include her in future updates.
  9. PV: Toneisha Save: Joei WC: Todd
  10. I missed it. I won't be able to see them anyway since I have no Instagram. Oh well, maybe there will be other videos later.
  11. Several of Danielle's competition songs were not performed again (and IMO shouldn't be performed on The Voice again because I will forever compare them to Danielle.) Maybe It Was Memphis Heads Carolina, Tails California Who I Am Please Remember Me Born To Fly Shake the Sugar Tree
  12. I doubt they will explain anything during the clip show. That's just not their style. They might devote a few minutes at the start of Top 17 night, explaining how the competition will proceed then on to Todd performing first.
  13. Added. I hope you're right about Megan being Kelly's frontrunner and she gets the public vote next week.
  14. Added! And she looks and sounds great.
  15. Thunderstorm Artis Toneisha Harris Cedrice Megan Danielle Joei Fulco CammWess Micah Iverson Michael Williams Arei Moon Mandi Thomas Todd Tilghman Allegra Miles Zan Fiskum Samantha Howell Roderick Chambers Joanna Serenko Mandi Castillo Mike Jerel *Blue name - possible 4-Way KO winner*
  16. Thunderstorm is my gut pick to win, but they seem to push Toneisha really hard and Blake is due for a win (it's been 5 seasons since his last win). If he sings Hallelujah and nails it next week, he would probably win though. Song choice is key.
  17. My early predictions. Winner: Toneisha - Team Blake Runner-up: Allegra - Team Nick 3rd: Thunderstorm - Team Nick 4th: Micah or Megan (whoever gets the PV) - Team Kelly
  18. Toneisha? If she identifies as an 18 year old.
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