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  1. Team Blake loses a contestant in Top 12/13 does not happen often. They should all still be safe it Blake picked Gracee last week. BTW, there is no discernible order to these performances -- not name, not coach name nor coach chair. Could they be singing based on votes?
  2. ^ That's a nice article about Marybeth. Thanks for posting. :flowers: So glad that Marybeth was called safe first. Congratulations. MB and #teamMarybeth! :sorcerer:
  3. Yay my top 3 faves are safe :D Surprised by Myracle being safe. Maybe Will or Cali could be joining Shane and Joana in B3.
  4. HS had very strong social media numbers. I’m not surprised they’re safe. Also it’s not in order, so calling them early is not surprising either.
  5. Yup. Two weeks in a row that Kat topped the MJs blog poll. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-voice-17-liv...n-the-polls.htm
  6. I don't think they are fans of teen singers whether indie or country or pop. They also do not like many Team Blake contestants. And since Blake called Kat an important artist, they became more critical. I wouldn't worry much about the vocal blog commenters and critics, especially on MJs. Kat has a silent fan base who vote but keep quiet. :sorcerer:
  7. TOP 13 SUMMARY If the social media indicators are predictive, Shane and Joana are in the bottom 3 (10/11 metrics) and the 3rd person could be Myracle (6/11 metrics). Other names that are in bottom 3 based on one of more metrics are: Cali (FB ratio, YT Likes) Rose (FB views) Max (FB likes) Kat (FB ratio) Jake (Twitter) Will (YT Score) BOTTOM 3 PREDICTIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA 1. FB VIEWS Shane Rose Joana 2. FB LIKES Max Shane Joana 3. FB RATIO Kat Myracle Cali 4. GOOGLE TRENDS Myracle Joana Shane 5. YT LIKES Cali S
  8. INSTAGRAM VIEWS Marybeth - 54.5K Katie - 52.1K Kat - 34K Max - 32.9K Hello Sunday - 27.2K Ricky - 23.5K Will - 23.2K Cali - 22.1K Rose - 18.5K Jake - 17.7K Myracle - 16.5K Joana - 15.1K Shane - 13.8K
  9. YT LIKES Katie - 2457 Hello Sunday - 1626 Will - 1415 Max - 1404 Rose - 1294 Kat - 1084 Myracle - 1020 Marybeth - 994 Ricky - 737* Jake - 663 Cali - 654 Shane - 518 Joana - 429* * Ricky's and Joana's YT videos were posted hours after the end of the show. TWITTER RT+LIKES Katie - 1043 Kat - 573 Marybeth - 546 Max - 521 Cali - 515 Hello Sunday - 449 Will - 435 Rose - 426 Myracle - 395 Ricky - 364* Jake - 295 Joana - 247* Shane - 230 *Ricky's and Joana's Twitter videos were posted very late, towards the end of the show
  10. What are the chances that the bottom 3 would be all Team Kelly? Shane Hello Sunday Max I think that's just fitting -- with Max getting the save.
  11. I love this part of Blake interview where he talked about Danielle. https://twitter.com/MusicCoffeeLol/status/1...116944426012672 Credit to One Country on YT and @MusicCoffeeLol on Twitter
  12. Kat passed Ricky? I guess she got a bigger West Coast jump.
  13. They did okay. One of their better performances. But not at the same level as the objectively top 5 performers tonight.
  14. In my top 3 too :) But did you see the rating he got from TVLine? Imagine rating HS higher than Ricky
  15. Shane/Myracle/Joana (saved) I think Cali (Blake), Will (John) and HS (Kelly) have more support than Joana even though she got PV on Team Gwen. Looking back at last week's social media numbers, HS won't be in the bottom - I think they were actually 3rd in vote last week on Team Kelly (more votes than Shane). Cali will be safe too, being on Team Blake and improved on her performance. Will is popular on social media as well and I won't be surprised if he had more votes than Joana last week. All 3 will be safe this week.
  16. Marybeth is leading iTunes I hope she gets the streaming bonus also. :sorcerer:
  17. I guess they waited till west coast broadcast to post his video. Ricky was good as always but I think some people are harsh on him because they have such high expectations. Even though he's consistently among the top performers each night, he gets rated down if they think he didn't measure up to his blind audition.
  18. They still have not posted Ricky's and Joana's performances
  19. Don't forget to vote for Marybeth tonight, #teamMarybeth :flowers: RE XFINITY, if you don't have an Xfinity account, you can still vote on the website with a FB login :sorcerer: https://voicestbvote.votenow.nbc.com/
  20. Here's how to vote for Ricky tonight :sorcerer: RE XFINITY, if you don't have an Xfinity account, you can still vote on the website with a FB login :flowers: https://voicestbvote.votenow.nbc.com/
  21. Don't forget to vote for Kat tonight, #teamKat :flowers: RE XFINITY, if you don't have an Xfinity account, you can still vote on the website with a FB login :sorcerer: https://voicestbvote.votenow.nbc.com/
  22. I don't think you're in the minority on IDF -- Kat has many critics here. But that's okay, I don't like many singers that IDF go gaga over anyway (ie Katie, Max, Will, Cali). :ph34r:
  23. Marybeth's performance on Twitter :flowers: https://twitter.com/NBCTheVoice/status/1196628047794827264 Click on image above to view
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