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  1. I can see her having a notable growth arc if she's given the chance to go far in the competition. BTW do you want to be added?
  2. ^ Here's the promo from ACM on Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/AcademyOfCountryMusic/
  3. Here's the video of Taco Tuesday event by WIL-FM (live streamed several hours ago). Danielle performed several songs for over 20 minutes; her segment starts at around 5 minute mark. Enjoy!
  4. Added! Lain's version is really good. It's up there with Chris Daughtry's version (as Rottweiler on The Masked Singer). The hat however... let's just say, Lain's hair looks good without any other accessories.
  5. Lauren Frihauf Fan Thread Instagram | Facebook | YouTube Studio Versions IMAGELINK Performances Fans: 1. season1 2. thevoicefan12 3. David68 4. AmyNicole 5. ashwinner 6. TeamAudra Originals Covers --- [h/t: Dany for Trivia Image]
  6. Here are the publications this week: Mediabase Billboard Danielle's "Never Have I Ever" is still not on the charts, but it is listed among the new and active on Billboard Country Update.
  7. I love his tone. I hope he goes far in the competition this season.
  8. I like Lain, Tori and Julia. It's weird that I don't have a Team Blake early favorite.
  9. Tori Miller Fan Thread Instagram | Facebook | YouTube Studio Versions Performances FANS: 1. season1 2. thevoicefan12 3. David68 Originals Covers --- [h/t: spoiler thread]
  10. Lain Roy Fan Thread Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Studio Versions Performances Fans: 1. season1 2. jamescasaki 3. David68 4. Bk1234 5. AmyNicole 6. Zainab Tufail 7. Jyn Mycle 8. thevoicefan 9. anonymouskid_35 10. Angeles Originals Covers --- [h/t: spoiler thread]
  11. Thanks for posting today's adds. 44 adds in 4 weeks is on the low side compared to the other summer singles but at least NHIE continues to gain spins and audience.
  12. Danielle shared the National Anthem performance from the Iowa INDYCAR 250 last month
  13. This is only one I would turn for out of the 7. I think she would go far on Team Blake.
  14. They started playing NHIE last week, after they added the single to their rotation on 7/27/20. The increased airplay (multiple plays per day) could be promotion for the event. But then again, they only play overnight. Despite the overnight spins only 6% of total spins, WIL-FM accounts for 20% of the total audience! I hope they continue to play NHIE even after the show on 8/11/20.
  15. ICYMI, here's the article from the Billboard Country Update publication, on Billboard.com https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/country/9429736/danielle-bradbery-never-have-i-ever And here's the acoustic version of "Never Have I Ever"
  16. ^ Does "virtual happy hour" mean Danielle will be performing remotely? 92.3 FM in St Louis is also known as WIL-FM, one of the current leaders in NHIE airplay. I hope they will add more spins in daytime hours too. Speaking of airplay, NHIE had 216 spins this week, with an audience of 0.531 million, from 21 stations on leaders/starters.
  17. I checked my GS spreadsheets and I didn't see my local station among the first 85 stations that added Goodbye Summer. My last log for GS was in mid November 2018 and GS was at #42 on Mediabase Airplay (a few weeks before it peaked at #39). It is possible that the station could have added GS very late in the cycle but I didn't see the add.
  18. I'm glad that the song continues to gain spins and audience. NHIE also added 4 stations this week, bringing the total country stations to 40. I'm pleasantly surprised that one of the stations that added NHIE this week is my local station. The last time I remember seeing my local station among the adds was for THOD, 7 years ago!
  19. Here are this week's publications. Mediabase Aircheck Billboard Country Update NHIE moved up a couple spots on the Mediabase secondary chart but still no primary chart showing on either Mediabase or Billboard. The lowest audience on Mediabase airplay chart is about 2.5 million. At estimated .5 to .6 million audience this week, NHIE still has a ways to go to make the main airplay chart. NHIE is just a tad short in making the Billboard Country Airplay chart (#60 had an audience of .512 million while NHIE had .446 million). But there's a great FULL PAGE article about Danielle on the Billboard Country Update, in page 28. And NHIE is listed 2nd on "New and Active" Click the thumbnail below for the full page article --
  20. Thank you for shooting and sharing these great videos and many more videos on the YT channel. Glad to see that she still performs "The Heart of Dixie" and "Wild Boy" from the first album, though I hope she performs "Young in America" again in future concerts.
  21. Danielle's "Never Have I Ever" video is #1 again on CMT 12-pack Let's vote again this week to keep NHIE video at #1. Vote on CMT 12 Pack Countdown Radio Requesting Links Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, etc
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