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  1. Shelby <3 Still, Marybeth is among the top performers this week. :flowers: I don’t like her outfit and makeup- made her look so much older than 18 :ermm:
  2. 1. Kat 2. Myracle 3. Rose 4. Katie 5. Will 6. Hello Sunday 7. Joana 8. Shane
  3. Ricky is performing last. :D About time, he has been performing very early the last couple of weeks.
  4. Good to hear about Twitter I’m used to IDF not liking my favorites so I just don’t engage them.
  5. Will was entertaining at least and he didn’t yell at me
  6. Kat sounded even better in her live performance tonight and the studio is already so good.
  7. I love Kat. <3 Even if I’m in the minority in this forum, I will continue to love Kat and her voice.
  8. They really like to show us that huge contrast between loud and soft, power and subtlety.
  9. Ok I got Katie and Rose confused. I thought Rose closed during playoffs and Katie last week. :"> I guess it's Katie closing this week then.
  10. Added. Welcome to #teamMarybeth. :sorcerer: Marybeth's studios are very good, both tonight's and last week's. She topped iiTunes last week. She could do it again this week. I bet she would have sold more iTunes if it was counted for votes.
  11. That's awesome. Maybe they actually look at the songs suggested on the app, especially when several people suggest the same songs? I also see those songs mentioned on their social media. I hope both Kat and Marybeth perform well tonight. :sorcerer: ---- Added. Welcome to #teamKat :flowers:
  12. Someone is 'scared' or worried about Kat's song? I think she sounded really good on the preview. It's a great song for her, IMO.
  13. I love both Kat and Marybeth (and Ricky) and maintain all their fan threads. I see many of the same names on both Kat and Marybeth threads, and even Ricky's thread. I don't think the naysayers of Marybeth are Kat fans, or vice versa. And I don't believe there's any jealousy among fans of both girls, especially when the contestants themselves are best friends.
  14. I love Marybeth's song for tonight. <3 She sounds really good on the preview. I hope she performs well tonight. :sorcerer:
  15. The preview sounds great. I hope Ricky nails the performance tonight.
  16. The preview sounds really good. I hope she nails the performance tonight. :sorcerer:
  17. I guess the bus is not enough for Ricky, they called in the (downtown) train. :ph34r: If he's still sick tonight, he might sound really rough.
  18. Will Rose (John's and Gwen's teams will alternate closing the show this season :whistling: ) Hoot
  19. Hello Sunday - The Middle Jake Hoot - Every Light in the House Joana Martinez - Dreaming of You Kat Hammock - I'll Fly Away Katie Kadan - Without You Marybeth Byrd - Stars Myracle Holloway - Everybody Hurts Ricky Duran - Downtown Train Rose Short - Maybe I'm Amazed Shane Q - Mercy Will Breman - Light My Fire
  20. Katie Kadan - Without You Shane Q - Mercy
  21. Kat is singing one of the songs we suggested! :w00t:
  22. Kat Hammock - I'll Fly Away <3 Nice coincidence. I suggested that one one a few times the last couple of weeks
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