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  1. Nah, Hoot just knows the game and he has his voters ready to stream. He also is very active on social media urging his fans to stream.
  2. "I'll Fly Away" is not a country song, it's a gospel song. The Alison Krauss version has been played on folk radio when it was released as part of the soundtrack for "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%27ll_Fly_Away
  3. It does not have to be. There will always be negative and trollish people but for the most part, IDF is relatively 'nicer' than other Voice related discussion platforms.
  4. yay thanks for creating Cass' thread, istersay :flowers: Here's the link to Cassadee's new album Stages https://smarturl.it/StageswithCommentary
  5. I don't get the so-called outrage over eliminations. It's not like the people who went home are going to win the show. At the end of the season, there's only one winner. In a season when there's a clear frontrunner and preferred winner by the show and the audience, does it really matter how she got there and who went home when in the prior weeks? As TA said somewhere else, it's not like another would make or break a career (paraphrasing). Blaming the voters and this outrage culture is getting old. It makes for an unpleasant and potentially toxic forum.
  6. I just checked and it's 340 currently and 288 are guests!! Maybe some of the contestants are attracting more fans and they found IDF through searching for contestant info. :sorcerer:
  7. Great job, #teamRickyD I hope he gets a great song next week. :sorcerer: https://twitter.com/NBCTheVoice/status/1199494224703447041
  8. Congratulations, Marybeth! Welcome to the Top 10. :D https://twitter.com/NBCTheVoice/status/1199502806417170433
  9. They waited to the very end to call Kat safe tonight. But that's okay, she's safe and moving on to the Top 10. :w00t: https://twitter.com/NBCTheVoice/status/1199503030254596096
  10. IDF missed the predictions this week. :">
  11. FB views also called it right.
  12. TV Line poll is the most accurate predictor, but combining several metrics also correctly named the actual B2 (Shane and Myracle) among a group of possible B2 :flowers:
  13. If Myracle sang the iconic song without all those unnecessary runs, she would have won the save probably.
  14. Myracle started great but she did too much with that song that it ruined the whole performance. :ph34r:
  15. I'm glad that my Top 3 artists are safe. I'm voting for the better performance in this instant save.
  16. Yea. They won't call her until the time Carson don't have to say the team name.
  17. Welcome to the Top 10, Ricky! :w00t: Glad he was called safe first.
  18. Based on the number of times they appeared in the Bottom 4 of 9 metrics [Google Trends, IG, YT Like %, Twitter Like, FB Views, FB Likes, FB Ratio, YT Score, iTunes] Most likely B2 - 2 out of these 4 Will 7x Shane 9x Myracle 7x Hello Sunday 7x Outside Chance in B2 Marybeth 6x
  19. Team Blake interview from last night :sorcerer: S1E4lKeor3c
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